Tornado Emergency Across Midwest, South

Twisters leave path of destruction from Indiana to Tennessee and beyond.
4:45 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Tornado Emergency Across Midwest, South
-- wall of monster tornadoes is -- across this nation more than forty tornadoes so far today 37 million Americans in their path. Four states are under the highest possible alert and this is why. Terrifying scenes on the ground the view from a car window in Indiana. And this a monster funnel cloud just outside global. And this is what it sounds like on the ground. Sirens blazing out there are alarmed. As we -- our team has spread out across the storm zone and we're going to Begin now with ABC's meteorologist ginger -- and Jasper Indiana she's been. Traveling alongside the storm all day ginger. Diane at least six are dead across the region tonight that number will rise. It is not rare to see -- this time of year let's see an outbreak of this magnitude. Certainly is and it is not over. Devastating twisters sweeping through the heartland tonight this one bearing down on Louisville, Kentucky. We are now looking. And seeing this tight rotation here in spite of a -- -- warnings like. This heard from the Ohio valley to the deep south. All day long taxi for self -- regents -- of tornadoes. Racing at seventy miles per hour destroying homes and leaving dozens injured or dead. In -- Indiana the damage has been done a twister took off the roof of the high school. All 400 students were safely evacuated. But surrounding homes were flattened and one person is -- Reports from nearby -- the local share of saying his talent is cloaked. Gone I'm looking at radar right now -- -- -- -- destroyed those towns I was sleeping next saints' super elderly north east of Evansville. As the base at this time that we're going to be looking at -- not blacks in Nashville of course a tornado could drop out of that at any time we've had -- reports of damage with this storm west of us. Across Tennessee scenes of destruction these pictures from Bradley county. Alabama this morning the first state to feel the brunt of this -- look monster twisters. There are already starting to clean up. For ten million folks that were in -- high risk region today they had at three in ten chance of seeing a tornado. Within 25 miles pretty spectacular. -- We wanted to know more about what has happened up that high school in Henry bill and we turn out of Mike Colombo he's from mark great global affiliate WHAS Mike you're there at the school what do you see. What right now and Diane there are people just walking around the property here surveying the damage to -- from the second level of the majority of Henry -- high school here. -- -- -- Their debris everywhere we do know that everyone who was inside students teachers -- got out safely. I was able to speak with several children with their parents who work. Leaving the premises -- one child described. Actually seeing the ball club they were on the school bus heading away from school bus driver turned around brought them back they were able to take cover before the tornado. It so they -- in the school but they got the evacuation notice -- time. That's right and they were able to get back into school -- the tornado hit. And once -- pass they were able to get out in even built -- not I'm watching parents reuniting with their children. And as you look at the damage that you say the roof is off the building. Did it crushed down in the classrooms. I am under the impression there is -- basement in this building that's where one of the students told me that they were taking shelter. And you haven't -- -- Mike whether there was one tornado to a succession. We had heard that there was this strong felt it come through and that there was the second -- On its way through this -- as far as you know no one injured and everyone out alive. Everyone at the school however we have been able to confirm that there was one fatality this war. He can rebuild but not related to the school or any of the students there so tell me about the rest of the town tell me about the rest of Henry bill. Well Diane we talked with several residents who live closest Italy and up and down what I would call the main -- -- -- bill. Homes destroyed I spoke with the gentleman who told me that. -- took cover with a friend five seconds later the house imploded on topic and he said right and -- as far as you know storms that passed the now. Storms -- -- for now I know there was talk of the second line coming through the area but I know everybody's still has their -- -- guys around here. And they do thank you again Michael about every -- --

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{"id":15837024,"title":"Tornado Emergency Across Midwest, South","duration":"4:45","description":"Twisters leave path of destruction from Indiana to Tennessee and beyond.","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-emergency-midwest-south-15837024","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}