America on Alert: Massive Storm

Dangerous and potential deadly weather is on the move.
1:17 | 03/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for America on Alert: Massive Storm
Dangerous and potentially deadly weather is on the move right now tornado watches are up tonight in two states that number expected to grow. It now the system is moving from west to east gathering new strength you can see right there in the circle with the weather is most severe right now and tonight. Tornado watch is just going up in Texas and Oklahoma you can see the counties in red. We're getting our first pictures out of Arizona look at this heavy snow around Flagstaff -- main highway interstate seventeen shut down by the blinding storm. And so let's bring in meteorologist in Jersey tonight we've been tracking system all weekend long you -- we could be in for 24 hours now it's dangerous storms. It has started and we are in the heart of -- now the next 24 hours will be -- and here's where we have to watch for which a top south tonight to Del -- also a little bit. Of hail and damaging -- possibilities over there near Cincinnati. But this is just not I think by tomorrow the threat not only intensify and also rose to a larger area more people affected. -- -- Kansas City -- to Houston all have possibilities of isolated. Tornadoes damaging wind. And -- and and -- traveled this evening to Oklahoma and northern Texas that's who you believe it could be most severe -- storm chase for a long time watching for the most tornado activities happening southeast Oklahoma and northeast Texas of course will be out there helping the warning process Sargent Jersey leaving us off tonight safe travels.

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{"id":15950305,"title":"America on Alert: Massive Storm","duration":"1:17","description":"Dangerous and potential deadly weather is on the move.","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-twister-storm-danger-weather-15950305","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}