Tornado in New York; Hail in Ohio

Thunderstorms, tornadoes roll across states from Oklahoma to Massachusetts.
2:54 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for Tornado in New York; Hail in Ohio
As we come to air nearly 40 million americans are standing the skies, wondering what the night will bring. High winds, tornadoes and wicked weather across a massic swath of the country right now. A line of storms stretching more than 1,600 miles. Just look at this map, outbreaks from tulsa to the tip of massachusetts. Reports poring in, twisters touching down. Tens of thousands of lightening strikes. The sky lit with destructive potential. Abc's meteorologist ginger zee is tracking it all for. What are you seeing. Reporter: Tonight the biggest threat is what I have to take you to. I'll show you the map and all the watches that everyone is seeing. If you are in this area, you have a chance of seeing at least 60 to 8 o miles an hour winds, large hail h and gets reports in of tornadoes. Bottom line, we're in the thick of it, as this summer of extremes continues. Reporter: Severe storms almost ever where you look tonight. Let's start in scranton, pennsylvania. Damaging winds and blinding rans, blew through that town. Outside new york, the first imagines coming in from roof from homes and trapped people in their cars. There was pounding hail in cincinnati. Angry skies and incredible lightening around the great lakes. Even before tonight's severe weather eruption, b.S. Been a wild week. The nation has had more than 700 reports of damaging wind since monday alone. These imagines from kansas, power lines, slapped by violent winds. All of a sudden the poord and the wind came up. The storms are being fed in part by the extreme heat. The nation plastered with heat warnings and advisoriadvisories. It's been so hot that cooling ponds outs nuclear pants are getting too warm or the water is falling too low for the plants to function safely. The difficulty in meeting the overall demand for energy and unprecedented levels now and it will only go up. Reporter: Across the nation t heat is twisting rail lines and buckling roads. With all these dangers, it's still too dry. A phrase echoed from coast to coast. Almost every state has some level of drought. Giving grass fires like this that burned along a oklahoma interstate plenty of fuel. The flet tonight is huge. I want to point from oklahoma to boston and southern maine, including the chicago has a chance of severe weather. Cincinnati, new york city, d.C., major exceptional threat tonight. Ern should be on alert. Stay with your local abc station. Remarkable swath. What do we seeton tomorrow? 1:00 a.M. D.C. Will be out of it. Places south of there will have it through the early morning hours. By tomorrow, we should be through with this threat. Now to the word of wars underway. Mitt romney's golden gaffe, he's

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Thunderstorms, tornadoes roll across states from Oklahoma to Massachusetts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"16866076","title":"Tornado in New York; Hail in Ohio","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-york-hail-ohio-16866076"}