Tourism Could Boost Jobs

Speeding up visa process for foreign travelers to U.S. would help economy.
3:44 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Tourism Could Boost Jobs
And now we turn to a made in America investigation. We have been saying here that -- each of us spent just three dollars and 33 cents more every year on something made in the US. We could create 101000 new jobs. But is another possibility for powering up the US economy the tourists eager to come here and spend their money. Who can't get then ABC's David Muir set up to -- find out what's going on. They're winding up all over the pool tourists who want to come and spend money in America be exploding middle class in China. Probably showing us their passports as they wait. Hope you get a tourist visa to come visit here. The average Chinese tourist who visits the US spends 6200. Dollars while they're here. Visitors from India 6100 dollars Brazilian tourists coming to the US spent 4900 dollars each. This Brazilian man we found waiting in line for his visa in Rio de Janeiro. Wanna go to New York can California may be realized -- goes and there was this -- moment hoping to come here. With her family. To go to Disneyland. But there's no guarantee -- get a visa to come here to buy things made in America infected Brazil tourists have to wait up to 145. Days last year just -- interview. In China only five places where you can get an American visa the -- time up to 120 days. He often have to fly or take train to get to the -- office this husband told us about the big plans for his family during their Christmas trip to the US. Live on through their -- and while he was approved his wife and son. -- -- -- And family coming you're talking about Jesus simply to visit the U us -- to stay here. That this is not about people think these people come they spent two weeks they spend a lot of money creating American jobs and go back to countries that came from. In just the last decade the number of foreign tourists traveling overseas grew by an astounding sixty million. You would think visitors to the US grew wildly to but look at this ten years ago 26 million overseas visitors to -- US today. Nearly the same number. We don't have the people to process them we don't have the people -- them and we don't have the facilities in the locations across them. This could all be changed and this could -- literally millions of jobs except. Jobs like the ones created at W hotels where we went just today. After learning their hiring as they try to cater to the Chinese. -- how -- and claim. That's -- -- got they have entire menus in Mandarin tea kettles in the rooms slippers. Chinese custom US -- the number one outbound destination of choice for Chinese travelers today and because they can't get here they'll go to -- Right and some economists estimate in the last decade the US has lost out and 78 billion overseas visitors 606 billion dollars in spending here. You know if they say to add nearly a half million American jobs here. Every year so why the opportunity lost. The State Department told us today safety and security come first. But they acknowledge they are working on this 109 days you have to wait in Brazil just for an appointment to talk about a visa. Is that money lost that could be spent right here in America right now creating jobs we don't want anyone to wait but wait we believe that most of those are -- Will be coming. Tonight the State Department tells me that the wait times are coming down in Brazil and China slowly they are -- about a hundred workers. To those two countries combined in the year and and -- -- dizzy mentioned there of course our parent company. Just one of the many destinations where these travelers want to spend their money right here in America and Diane one more number tonight. In the next couple of years 100 million Chinese will go travel the question is. Where -- they travel to.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Speeding up visa process for foreign travelers to U.S. would help economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14854168","title":"Tourism Could Boost Jobs","url":"/WNT/video/tourism-boost-jobs-14854168"}