Towns in the Northeast are under invasion from ice jams

Huge chunks of ice are blocking rivers and causing waters to spill into communities
3:18 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for Towns in the Northeast are under invasion from ice jams
We begin tonight with that new winter storm moving across the country. The Alberta clipper bringing snow and ice and freezing rain, and there is real concern tonight about the commute tomorrow morning. Already tonight, dangerous driving from the plains to the midwest. A driver losing control, slamming into a police cruiser, right there in park hills, Connecticut. As we come on the air tonight, two dozen states under winter storm warnings and watching right now. That system pushing tall way from Texas to Minnesota and moving east. D.C., philly, Boston, New York all get hit tomorrow. The living on this holiday already a real challenge and it's moving east. ABC's erielle reshef leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, the mega blast of snow and bitter cold pounding millions from Texas to Maine. In Kentucky, police say they're fighting a losing battle to black ice. This car slamming into an officer's cruiser. Spinouts from South Dakota to Indiana, where this semi jackknifed, backing up traffic for miles. The blinding storm moving east to Chicago, where an army of 200 plows deployed. They're very, very slippery. Reporter: Entire towns in the northeast under an invasion from ice jams. Massive chunks of ice rushing downstream, blocking rivers, water spilling into nearby communities. Like Swanton, Vermont, overrun by floods. In Hallowell, Maine, cars submerged. When we glanced down and saw that the entire parking lot under water, we were a bit shocked. Reporter: Tonight, flood warnings in New Jersey for a massive ice jam covering the Delaware river. In Kent, Connecticut, a state of emergency declared. Authorities closed down this main road after frozen flood waters rushed over it, threatening nearby Holmes and forcing some people to evacuate. This school suddenly under water. A wave of water came in and just surrounded the cars. It just kept coming. The cars were filled up to like the hood of the car. They were almost fully submerged. Reporter: Now students scrambling to evacuate. Erielle downing us live from Kent, Connecticut, where they are under that state of emergency. And they're already facing that other threat, the ice in the rivers, as you point out, freezing, melting then re-freezing, causing major flooding in the meantime. And another round of that they fear is coming later this week. Reporter: That's right, David. Warmer weather may be on the way for later this week. That could cause these ice jams to melt, leading to even more flooding. The fire chief telling us, David, this problem is unprecedented. David? Erielle reshef, thank you. And authorities are warning drivers to be careful as the work week begins tomorrow for so many of you, that mix of snow, ice and freezing rain all a major concern, so, let's get right to ginger zee, tracking it all, hour by hour for us tonight. Reporter: That slick drive is going to happen in places like San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas. Everybody goes back to school and work, wait to take tow the maps. You've got advise Littles from mow R Monroe, Louisiana, to Sara toga springs. In Mississippi, I want you to pay attention to the freezing rain causing ice up to a half inch. Mix it with some sleet, up to two inches of snow. It's not going to be a good Tuesday morning. Then you move it to the east and kind of post-frontal there, but the snow goes all the way up the coast. And behind this, so significant, mobile, Alabama, by Wednesday morning, single digit wind chills. They've just put out a state of emergency in the state of Alabama. All right, another round of this bone-chilling cold right behind this. Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Huge chunks of ice are blocking rivers and causing waters to spill into communities","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52367126","title":"Towns in the Northeast are under invasion from ice jams","url":"/WNT/video/towns-northeast-invasion-ice-jams-52367126"}