Toy Fair 2014: Tour of Top Offerings

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht Serves as Toy Fair Guide
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Toy Fair 2014: Tour of Top Offerings
I am -- -- explained that her mom and I want to welcome you to hunt Latin American international toy fair in New York City right here in the Javits Center. Did you know that there's over three billion toys sold in the US every year and it all starts right here. There's over 11100 point manufactures and rock I'm and 50000 toys so important let's -- -- And I'm gonna start with my friend Max the tow -- because I haven't broken but. And now acts not only can he go -- six feet. He can also pull over 200 pounds. I don't -- much like he's going to be my ride today. Basically what this is is it's it's a molding compound that is the ultimate endorsing inbox. What's really cool about it is it's -- 100% all natural organic material. They kids just play with thin and build their their sand castles and whatnot inside. Since the -- -- girls they're beautiful new collection of friends. And -- now when they're happy together because as soon as they hold hands are -- -- hand. They all like that. Iraq our little life happens from -- toys. She doesn't heading to -- sensors on -- back. And hello. -- -- You. Just like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight -- power ranger storm -- Rangers -- here. -- -- -- This is that turned eight air accident -- Yeah. I want did that affect. -- -- me -- right now and when Maine. Headed to best if things that light out. And make sounds. -- guess is that why -- -- -- These are called next and this is me -- -- -- kids actually builds. Program can try. And he's not even need building. It. Xbox. Because -- -- -- is a game it's launching this fall. It is highly flexible we have 96 different -- and with those figures you target your. Desks -- cards and in this example that bungee battleground. Have you been practicing. I've been practicing and -- and I'm I'm getting better I'm not quite there yet so -- and anonymity he does so I'll be particularly embarrassing. And it's trying the okay well -- And I love all the figures in -- very very you. I'll -- VWE. Rumble fists and I ended the Iraq. That's disgusting. Meet the ugly it's. -- that didn't -- thank. That -- -- are gonna -- and Sam yeah and it -- -- -- of my favorite places -- Flag Day today nice and cool rainy. Thanks to Wayne Bryan -- and even with a broken foot I think. There's a lot of time. I have not want things to those seat but first I wanted to make sure -- had a chance to -- that was my favorite girl. --

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{"id":22555915,"title":"Toy Fair 2014: Tour of Top Offerings","duration":"3:00","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht Serves as Toy Fair Guide","url":"/WNT/video/toy-fair-2014-tour-top-offerings-22555915","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}