Travel at a Standstill Because of a Fast Moving Winter Storm

Commuters trying to get home in a slick mess and Super Bowl fans stranded in New Jersey.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for Travel at a Standstill Because of a Fast Moving Winter Storm
together, 163 million Americans are in the path of three, big, winter storms, and a kind of chain reaction of travel trouble across the country. And each, new storm on the way is more powerful than the last. ABC's Linzie Janis starts us off with all of the people caught on the kind of conveyor belt of wicked winter weather, tonight. Keep on coming. Reporter: From the midwest to the northeast, another wet, heavy, slippery mess. An army of plows in New York can barely keep up. New York's new mayor, bill Deblasio, had trouble handling Staten island's answer to punxatawney Phil on Sunday. Now, he's handling his third winter storm. I am learning about snow removal, more than I expected to. Reporter: Schools closed from the northeast all the way to Ohio. Whiteout conditions in Illinois. Trucks pushing trucks in Oklahoma, to a sea of snowy wrecks in Arkansas. It's also busting budgets. Cities like Milwaukee are running out of salt. And others are cancelling summer projects to pay for winter cleanup. For thousands of superbowl fans expecting cold and snow, they got it. Just a little bit late. It was 53. I was walking the dog, now he won't even -- Now he won't come out? The dog's smart. Reporter: Here's metlife stadium around game time. Temps in the 50s. And here it is today in a photo tweeted by the CEO. New Jersey under a state of emergency. Now, all those fans having a heck of a time getting home. We had our 11:00 super bowl parade on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get home tomorrow. Are you surrounded by gloating seahawks fans? Yes. And they like to rub it in your face as much as possible. Especially when you're standing in line to find out your plane's been canceled. Reporter: Across the country, 1,900 flights canceled today. And 4,000 delayed. It's been a horrible year for flying. Airlines have lost up to $150 million. And it's cost the 30 million passengers affected, more than $2.5 billion. Here at la Guardia, 40% of flights have been canceled today. And it looks like the travel misery is set to continue. Meteorologists tell us this is the first of three storms to hit the midwest and northeast between now and early next week. Diane? All right, Linzie, thank you. When do the next two big storms hit? And where? Bill Evans from WABC here in New York, standing by. Bill? Diane, there's a vigorous storm system and weather pattern over much of the country for seven to ten days. In the same path, creating the same problem and the same result. Lots of snow in the Ohio valley. Lots of rain down south. The storm that's exiting, has produced seven inches of snow in central park. Six inches of snow in the Newark area. And some parts of interior New Jersey, around 11 inches of snow. Next system will dig out of the southern United States, out of the gulf, picking up gulf moisture, creating thunderstorms there. But it goes to cold air. It's going to create ice, freezing rain, snow, from Kansas City through the Ohio valley. To Boston, where there could be a foot of snow. And on top of that, there could be a bigger storm coming up for Sunday.

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{"id":22352529,"title":"Travel at a Standstill Because of a Fast Moving Winter Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Commuters trying to get home in a slick mess and Super Bowl fans stranded in New Jersey.","url":"/WNT/video/travel-standstill-fast-moving-winter-storm-22352529","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}