George Zimmerman Defense Revealed

Lawyer discusses possible defense if charged in Trayvon Martin killing.
3:06 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Defense Revealed
The growing anger across this country over the shooting death of that unarmed teenager -- Bob Barton. Tonight here a friend of that neighborhood watch captain speaking out about what George Zimmermann told him. And we learn how -- plans to defend himself. This new portrait comes as thousands headed to Turkey today praying for the teenager and his family in new York and around the country wearing equities in church. This congregation singing portray -- -- All of those prayers and song as the -- friend and his attorney sit down with us describing for the first time that was final moments between the teenager. And the man patrolling that neighborhood. Across the nation the rallies in support of tree of on -- the unarmed teenager shot and killed -- the head of -- neighborhood watch a mother and a sign that reads -- Avon is my son to. Andrew growing because the man with the gun George Zimmermann hasn't been charged today we sat down with Zimmerman lawyer how -- -- -- I think he's surprised that -- the way the magnitude of of the way things taken office become a national issue a national issue over. -- a racist and that's definitely not -- toward disarmament is seated Zimmerman a surprise when he sees the anger across the nation. But this was a teenager who was unarmed who had gone out to -- skills. And was on his way home. But -- no longer with us. How does someone not understand. That there would be this kind of reaction between that's only part of the story Georgian government suffered a broken nose and what he has an -- -- the bank has had. He was attacked by -- -- on that evening. So you are going to argue. That this was a case of self defense. The evidence was -- as a case of self defense are you going to use the stand your ground defense I believe I believe that's going to be applicable in this case. The stand your ground defense the law in Florida and several other states that says that someone who feels threatened. Has no duty to retreat you say this is going to be a case of self defense. But when we heard that call. To the police and the dispatcher saying are you following him. Worried about what can -- be out that we don't it. OK we don't need to do that so why did he continue to follow trade bond market and those are those questions will be answered. We'll be hard though to build a case of self defense when you hear those words you don't need to be following him. -- -- become clear at that time. And to date we heard from Joe Oliver. A family friend who spoke with George have -- just this weekend case the reason why he was following this suspicious person that he saw it was because that neighborhood. Has had a rash of break ins but is that his job as the captain of the neighborhood watch when a dispatcher says. You don't need follow I don't know I've never been a neighborhood watch captain I do you know. That George had no intention of taking anybody's life. She cried for days after that he says the headlines have also taken tool on Zimmerman and his wife he's moves. They've disconnected their phone numbers. They're in hiding here fearful there have been people who have accused George of profiling well -- -- I would think that is the watch commander. You are keeping an eye out for people you don't recognizing your neighborhood but you look at his record of -- called 91149. Times in the last year. -- you've got to wonder. How to train was that I been. But I don't know how many calls he made where they weren't false alarms we can all hear. That moment of screaming on the 911 -- Would you hear that I hear George. I do here toward his trip on Martin's family has -- -- they -- there they're teenager I'm sure they do. And after talking with George -- he says he is convinced it came down to that final moment. At that point. -- -- -- -- -- -- As a family friend do you wish that George had listened to the dispatcher. Who -- you don't need follow him of course. The case goes to the grand jury April 10 and Zimmermann attorney indicating to me today that he does believe. Charges are coming.

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{"id":15999544,"title":"George Zimmerman Defense Revealed","duration":"3:06","description":"Lawyer discusses possible defense if charged in Trayvon Martin killing.","url":"/WNT/video/trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman-watch-teen-neighborhood-shooting-15999544","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}