Triple-digit heat wave in the Southwest

Temperatures are expected to reach 120 degrees in Phoenix.
1:51 | 06/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Triple-digit heat wave in the Southwest
And there's a severe weather threat at home. We're tracking several storms over the next 24 hours. Heavy rain and hail flooding reported around Kansas City, Missouri. More than 80 million people at risk of dangerous weather from the plains to new England. And triple-digit heat in the west. Here's rob Marciano. Reporter: Extreme weather punishing the heartland this weekend. Oh, my god! Reporter: Hard hitting hail shattering this car windshield in Missouri. And in Kansas City, lightning tearing through the night sky as residents run for cover. Torrential rain and 70-mile-per-hour winds downing trees, swamping roadways and knocking out power to over 80,000 homes. The same wave of storms unloading on Lincoln, Nebraska. With hail the size of tennis balls. Wind, rain, stuff hitting the side of the vehicle. Reporter: Cars crushed. Trees uprooted. This tractor trailer overturned, meanwhile, the southwest sizzling in the midst of a dangerous heat wave. It's still too hot, even with the A.C. Blowing. Reporter: American airlines warning travelers the extreme heat could ground flights out of Phoenix this week, with temperatures expected to hit 120 degrees. 120. Let's get right to rob with the forecast. You're tracking a number of storms here. The cold front stretches from Canada to the gulf of Mexico. Severe weather watch for parts of Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Damaging winds, large hail. And this all squeezes to the east. Look at the highly populated D.C., philly, New York to Boston corridor. Albany as well. Could see severe super cells there tomorrow. 118 in Palm Springs and Phoenix. Approaching all-time records. Looks like the heat will continue through Wednesday or Thursday. A dangerously long stretch. Rob, thank you.

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{"id":48122956,"title":"Triple-digit heat wave in the Southwest","duration":"1:51","description":"Temperatures are expected to reach 120 degrees in Phoenix.","url":"/WNT/video/triple-digit-heat-wave-southwest-48122956","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}