The Triumphant Human Spirit

The process of overcoming real life nightmares and the possibilities of returning to normal.
2:07 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for The Triumphant Human Spirit
Earlier you saw the three young women in cleveland who escaped that decade of horror there. So we set out to answer the question, how does someone emerge from a nightmare and then day after day redeem it and rebuild for the future? Dan harris on the question of resilient. Reporter: It is extraordinary to see their beaming faces. And to think about everything these women endured inside that house at 2207 seymour avenue. Human beings are remarkably resilient. Reporter: Psychiatrist dr. Gail saltz says the women seem to be employing time-tested coping strategies such as expressing gratitude. As we hear from amanda berry. I want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. Reporter: Leaning on their faith as we hear from michelle knight. We need to lean on god. Reporter: And relying on their family AS WE SEE WITH gina DeJesus, flanked my her mom and dad. The commonality among faith, family and gratitude appears to be that it brings you out of yourself and your story. Yes, being focused outwardly and focused toward a positive aspect of your story. Reporter: These are coping mechanisms employed by kidnapping survivors as elizabeth smart and jaycee dugard seen here with her mom. In the battle between good and evil? Good wins. Reporter: These three women are at the beginning of what will be a long recovery, there are lessons they can teach all of us about resilient in a world where trauma in one form or another comes for everyone. Resilient is processing a traumatic event, not defending against it and denying it but being aware of it, having processed it an then finding a way to essentially move on from it. Reporter: An ability these survivors from cleveland thus far seem to be illustrating in astonishing abundance. Dan harris, abc news, new york.

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{"id":19622335,"title":"The Triumphant Human Spirit","duration":"2:07","description":"The process of overcoming real life nightmares and the possibilities of returning to normal.","url":"/WNT/video/triumphant-human-spirit-19622335","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}