Troops Leave Iraq: Remembering Deadliest Days

U.S. service members look back on the height of the war.
2:31 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Troops Leave Iraq: Remembering Deadliest Days
After eight years the war in Iraq is finally ending American troops coming home. President Obama met with Iraq's prime minister -- Al-Maliki and Washington today discussing this last chapter in the withdrawal of all US troops. Hard to believe after 165000. US troops served in Iraq at the height of the war. Today only about 5000. Remain and some of them will be there to turn out the lights on US involvement. ABC's Martha Raddatz has been to Iraq more than twenty times as the American troops are coming home she is there again tonight. It was not until I heard the words of Sargent first class Larry -- who has deployed here there -- times. When -- hit me. He's not coming back. Story is going to this is they want more from -- what did. As the best -- and even more powerful the words echoing from Washington today after nearly nine years. Our war in Iraq ends this month. Throughout those nine years of war everywhere I -- back I was so grounded by American. This is -- -- 170000. Troops looked like on the roads in the streets. Of the battle. But today we did not see a single US soldier. As we reach this milestone I wanted to go back to the place where America first woke to the shock of what a long inviolate finally. Iraq would be. Fallujah. I wanted to see the ridge to remember that day in 2004 world where -- burned corpses to fourteen wins contractor. Hanging -- the world has seen. It would Begin the biggest battle with the today seven years later we saw -- children's heading for school market. Construction under way. And yet underneath it all. There -- hatred towards America. Well a lot of good men they deserved anything they deserved worse says this man what a lot another says the occupiers. Should not expect to be greeted with rose. That is certainly not the way everyone in Iraq feels -- it is a reminder that as our troops leave the war is not entirely over.

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{"id":15141597,"title":"Troops Leave Iraq: Remembering Deadliest Days","duration":"2:31","description":"U.S. service members look back on the height of the war.","url":"/WNT/video/troops-leave-iraq-remembering-deadliest-days-15141597","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}