First Tropical Storm Andrea Strikes

Storm hits Florida, causing rain, flooding and tornadoes as it heads north up the East Coast.
2:41 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for First Tropical Storm Andrea Strikes
Ninety million Americans are in a new storm zone tropical storm Andrea has come ashore in Florida. With a spray of tornadoes and a lot of water and it's getting ready to march north. ABC's whether editor Sam Champion leads us off right now from Cedar Key Florida Sam. And good evening Diane this tropical storm that is Andrea spent all day working up the Gulf Coast of Florida then. Burst -- straight just passed right by us and turned them and officially at 5:40 this evening making landfall East Coast time. Making landfall in the big bend area Florida now that's just day one have a three day involvement for the East Coast with tropical storm Andrea. Tropical storm Andrea the first named storm of this Atlantic -- -- season brought 65 mile an hour winds and driving -- Andrea squall lines have been spawning multiple tornados since this morning and that's expected to continue throughout the night. Utility workers appealed the great power -- in Sun City center Florida after an unconfirmed tornado touched down. One of at least twelve tornadoes reported so far. Near Palm Beach another reported twister left neighborhoods in pieces ripping patio is off houses flipping over boat and shorting out transformers. And a minute's time everything's gone. You know yet. It's terrible. The biggest problem we have right now he sees risk of tornadoes everybody's got to follow. The tornado warnings watches. I coastal flooding is a concern Andrea is bringing three to five feet of additional water and storm surge to Florida we Treasure Island of these Beers just. Clearly a welcome from the rising water over. With drenching downpours flooding. Flash flooding an estimated ten inches of rain is forecasted for some areas. And then there's the lightning. While Alfred 3100 lightning strikes in the last hour at least 191000. Cloud to ground lightning strikes in Florida just today. An average of nineteen strikes per -- I -- this storm take a look at it from space this image from NASA showing clouds associated with Andrea. Blocking out most of Florida. And that's very early number one on the program is gonna be remembered for those tornadoes that a -- of Florida but also for the driving rain. -- the entire East Coast there are flood watches or warnings out from Florida. All the way to Maine coastal areas take a look at the -- The barricades -- -- house for this and then noticed the rain that's expected this hits the entire coast over the next two days before kicking out the coast of Maine. And we're looking at probably two to 44 to six in those yellow areas of rain so this -- the storm. That will be remembered by a lot of town.

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{"id":19343522,"title":"First Tropical Storm Andrea Strikes","duration":"2:41","description":"Storm hits Florida, causing rain, flooding and tornadoes as it heads north up the East Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/tropical-storm-andrea-strikes-19343522","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}