Tropical Storm Fay moves out

Severe weather threatens the center of the country with tornadoes possible.
0:49 | 07/11/20

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Fay moves out
Now to the extreme weather as tropical storm fay moved out. There is a severe weather threat tonight in the center of the country. At the same time, a heat wave now swelters across the south. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is standing by for us tonight. Rob, good evening. Reporter: Good evening, Tom. A lot of leftover humidity from fay sparking thunderstorms across the northeast. We'll start with that. There's a front squeezing all that action so the next few hours will be rough. More widespread action in the midwest, where we've already had 72-mile-per-hour wind gusts reported in Kansas. Multiple watches up from Kansas all the way through the corn belt for the next few hours using as well. The big story this week is going to be the heat. Excessive heat warning and advisories from Florida to California. Temperatures will feel like up and over 100 degrees. In Dallas, Shreveport, and Tallahassee, and that will only build into the workweek. It's going to be a hot weekend. Thank you for that.

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{"duration":"0:49","description":"Severe weather threatens the center of the country with tornadoes possible. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71735842","title":"Tropical Storm Fay moves out","url":"/WNT/video/tropical-storm-fay-moves-71735842"}