Trump announces short-term plan to end shutdown

The deal will not get the president money for his border wall but federal workers will receive back pay.
3:07 | 01/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump announces short-term plan to end shutdown
Who is our person of the week? Good evening. It's great to have with you with us. And we begin with the president giving in. Announcing today the government will reopen for three weeks. The president in the rose garden saying the U.S. Still needs the wall, and threatening to shut down the government again if there is no deal. So, tonight, where does this leave us? And how soon will the workers get their paychecks? Terry Moran leads us off. Reporter: For president trump's big announcement, a rose garden ceremony. Lending an aura of victory to what was unmistakably a surrender. My fellow Americans, I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. Reporter: It was his shutdown, he proudly said. Triggered by his demand for money for the wall on the southern border. But today, instead of a wall, trump caved. I will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until February 15th. Reporter: The short-term deal, no money for a wall. Back pay for federal workers who missed paychecks, but not for thousands of federal contractors who aren't covered by laws governing shutdowns. And a bipartisan congressional conference will try to hammer out a deal on border security. Trump still insists he hasn't given up on his wall. So, let me be very clear. We really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier. Reporter: And he threatened to shut down the government again in three weeks or declare a national emergency if he doesn't get what he wants. But the public is turning sharply against him, and he faces a new reality in Washington, D.C., after Democrats won control of the house in the midterms. A triumphant speaker Nancy Pelosi, who went toe-to-toe with trump and bested him at every turn, isn't budging. Are you no longer ruling out any money for the wall? Are you now open to money for the wall? Have I not been clear on the wall? Okay. No, I have been very clear on the wall. Reporter: She's also not ready to reschedule the state of the union speech, which she stopped trump from delivering during the shutdown. Senate democratic leader chuck Schumer summed it up. No one should ever underestimate the speaker, as Donald Trump has learned. Terry, the government now reopens. No money for a wall. But we remember, before Christmas, Republicans and Democrats struck a deal for border security. What was accomplished by shutting down the government? Reporter: That's an excellent question. All the missed paychecks, the government operations grinding to a halt, and we're back at square one. But with a weakened president trump. The public is not supporting his tactics, and his base and the right wing of the Republican party demanding that he stick to his guns and get that wall done. It's going to be a very tough month for him. Thank you, Terry.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The deal will not get the president money for his border wall but federal workers will receive back pay.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60633595","title":"Trump announces short-term plan to end shutdown","url":"/WNT/video/trump-announces-short-term-plan-end-shutdown-60633595"}