Trump Bets on Romney in Vegas

Mitt Romney hopes for boost in Nevada following Donald Trump's endorsement.
3:18 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Bets on Romney in Vegas
The battle for the White House it's your voice your vote and today governor Mitt Romney -- -- colorful endorsement from Donald Trump. The TV boss telling Americans who they should hire and 2012 and ABC's David -- talked to trump today. And says this is an endorsement that pretty much cuts every way David. Diane this was political theater even governor Romney could -- -- that's what he said today Donald Trump coming here at endorsing him right here on the Vegas strip. The -- camp not the only ones happy tonight president Obama's reelection team. Eager to point out that millionaire and the billionaire standing side by side. It was like a scene right out of his reality show Donald Trump landing in Las Vegas with a secret mission. And today -- -- -- inside another and Trump's casino right here on the Vegas strip. Standing side by side with Mitt Romney and his wife deliver his endorsement governor Romney. Go out and get you can do. Governor Bobby acknowledged what many home -- -- think. Is this really happening there there are some things that -- just imagine happening in your life this is one of them. Two shook hands in a room with the podium had just one name -- The billionaire who brings the cameras everywhere he goes -- -- -- -- Republican hopefuls have tried to buddy up to the Donald. There was the pizza shared with Sarah Pailin the -- shared with Newt Gingrich. Thumbs up from Rick -- But the candidate who did that the least -- rob remember Donald Trump trying to plan that debate. Candidate who said no. I spoke with Donald Trump -- earlier today. I indicated that we just can't make this debate we're gonna trump was none too happy -- doesn't always had nice things to say about the governor once -- he's going to lose he doesn't resonate. -- -- met Ronnie if you look at his record as governor wasn't totally stellar. His job production was not great at all in fact it was -- third worst in the nation. You talk about jobs you've been critical governor Romney's jobs record at Massachusetts do you take that back now or. Or how do you know I think he delivered picture of what happens -- I just really got to know governor Romney over the -- short period. And I really like what I see it today it didn't take long for the Democratic National Committee house endorsement from a man whose famous line is you're fired. -- -- One recent Fox News poll shows Americans are nearly three times as likely to say they're less apt to vote for a candidate endorsed -- -- But there is something else here how much it will help them I think is limited but it does give -- one of those media. Megaphone. And tonight -- chief opponent Newt Gingrich is not impressed saying he's watching in amazement in his adding that I like hiring people. So just how did this endorsement come together I learned today from the campaign if there was a meeting between governor Romney and Donald Trump. Trouble offered his endorsement Romney accepted what's not clear though is who -- that meeting at one more thing to point out here Diane today Donald Trump said that he would not run. As a third party candidate Mitt Romney gets the nomination -- bit of a political coup in getting one more these potential candidates off the table. A -- -- this though Diane spreading through the valley here's fast these Nevada wins tonight. The hotel -- lot of subplots and that story a very aggressive wins them by David nice to see all of us have trouble in that -- and thanks so much.

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{"id":15502129,"title":"Trump Bets on Romney in Vegas","duration":"3:18","description":"Mitt Romney hopes for boost in Nevada following Donald Trump's endorsement.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-bets-romney-las-vegas-15502129","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}