Trump continues to attack FBI deputy director on Twitter

The escalating attacks on the FBI spark concern that the president is trying to undermine the Russia investigation.
2:38 | 12/25/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump continues to attack FBI deputy director on Twitter
Escalating tensions between the president, the FBI, and the press. The president thanking troops for their service, and also firing off Twitter comments at Andrew Mccabe. Democrats accusing the president of trying to erode public confidence in the special counsel's investigation. Here's Kenneth Moton. Reporter: Tonight, president trump's relentless attack on the media continues. Retweeting this image, the CNN logo squashed under his shoe. Today, and every day, we're incredibly thankful. Reporter: Trump kept busy on Christmas eve, thanking troops. We're grateful for each of you, who spend this Christmas away from your families. Reporter: And hitting the golf course. Trump also teeing off on FBI deputy director Andrew Mccabe. Who will reportedly retire in March. Accusing him of bias after an ally of Hillary Clinton's donated to his wife's campaign. Trump tweeting, these were the people who were investigating Hillary Clinton. It's a shame with what has happened with the FBI. People are very, very angry. Reporter: Trump's attacks on the FBI have been increasing. An agency he recently said is in Tatters. Democrats and Republicans, concerned the president is undermining the Russia investigation, and that he may take aim at special counsel Robert Mueller. No one is above the law. Let Mr. Mueller do his investigation without interference by the president. Reporter: Tonight, the white house facing scrutiny over remarks the president allegedly made over immigrants. Trump reportedly complained that 15,000 immigrants from Haiti all have A.I.D.S. And the 40,000 Nigerian immigrants would never go back to their huts in Africa, once seeing the U.S. And the white house strongly denying the story, calling the claims lies and outrageous. I was not in that meeting. But the people in that meeting say the comments never happened. So I have no belief that that actually transpired. The "Times" standing by their story. Kenneth is with the president in west palm beach tonight. The president also predicting success in the midterm elections on Twitter? Reporter: That's right. The president tweeted, good Republican candidates will win. He also touched on his own approval ratings. Blasting those polls that say his approval ratings are in the low 40s. He says his base is strong, but the president didn't provide any evidence to back up those claims. Tom? Kenneth, thank you. And this headline from north Korea, rejecting the latest U.N.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"The escalating attacks on the FBI spark concern that the president is trying to undermine the Russia investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"51981921","title":"Trump continues to attack FBI deputy director on Twitter","url":"/WNT/video/trump-continues-attack-fbi-deputy-director-twitter-51981921"}