Trump, Cruz and Rubio Nervous in Iowa

No clear front-runners for the GOP candidates as it gets down to the wire in Iowa.
3:17 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Trump, Cruz and Rubio Nervous in Iowa
Good evening tonight from the boy every four years this country fight itself laser focused on Iowa where the first votes are cast the election of the next president begins tonight. And the polls on both sides are very close who will emerge the winner and who will be forced to dust off and quickly move all the New Hampshire next. The poll showing that three top Republicans heading into tonight Donald Trump senators Ted Cruz in Marco Rubio even trump known for his bravado. Beating he's a little bit Dervis. On the democratic side tonight Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders and it dead heat both trading places atop the idol polls in recent days. We've seen long lines and huge turnouts for campaign rallies the test tonight. Which candidates will have the best ground games. It's your voice your vote at ABC's powerhouse political team on at all ABC's top jobless meeting this off on the Republican side Donald Trump and his wife Claudia. And their final push. Tonight don't draw. Telling his supporters it's now or never. Accepting no excuses he abuse in bed if he is sick if you can't walk of the dot disease you cannot leave I don't care get out of bed. What we got it his prediction. All huge. Way to make sure you all caucus tonight wicket Abbott tremendous victory we love you thank you very much trumps final Iowa strategy. Run just like his company a family affair like Bologna up by his side in Republican red. The men. Who will work for you. Cool blue alert read Yule. And Louise that men. I agree he's the man. Daughter he Barca stores and how to caucus video just break on the name trauma and right wrong. And that's. Very exciting. And tonight she'll attend a caucus to speak for the campaign no pressure from her dad at if she doesn't do a good job assay Ewald get your fired. Even trumps aren't in on the action. Sounding a bit more cautious than their father and the love we felt as a credible and a safety but get out to vote right. Jordan the family for this final push from store endorser Sarah Palin. So why aren't you need to fix. Out. Palin telling me she's competent as a Governor Palin and predictions for today. I you know I think for the first time I'm gonna say we can believe the poll olds. Usually I say the polls are only good for strippers and cross country skiers but this time I think the polls are right trumps toughest competition senator Ted Cruz. He'd eagle gold today campaigning in all of Iowa's 99 counties. Cruz has made more than 120. Stops at Iowa compared to Trump's 39. And I got to tell you this race right now it's neck and neck it's all about turnout grew saint trial. Doesn't deserve to win. We are Eddie. Bellowed. How stupid are the people who just yesterday he says if he doesn't win Iowa. Then everything here was a big fat and very expensive waste time. Senator Marco Rubio hoping for at least a strong third place finish spending the final hours with his fair we as well. Even shopping for toys with his children. Palin tells me she be comfortable supporting. Either senator November a heartbeat yet I will support. Which ever GOP candidate rises to the top this to your basic ABC's on this ABC anybody but Clinton. And Thomas would just live here and I would tonight Tom Donald Trump with his secret weapon today its life. Many say Ted crews need to first place finish tonight about Marco Rubio a lot of talk this evening of some late momentum. That's right David there could be a surprise tonight the rubio crowds had been getting bigger. But beyond that sources within the rubio campaign but also the cruise campaign tells. They are polling shows this is not a two man race this is actually a three way race a dead heat between trump. Crews and rubio there could be a very big surprise that rubio putting the pressure on crews saying yes so many resources here this is a must win state for him.

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{"id":36651032,"title":"Trump, Cruz and Rubio Nervous in Iowa","duration":"3:17","description":"No clear front-runners for the GOP candidates as it gets down to the wire in Iowa.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-cruz-rubio-nervous-iowa-36651032","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}