Trump defends his time off as Russia investigation intensifies

A bipartisan group of senators is drafting a bill to ensure the president cannot fire Special Counsel Mueller.
3:16 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for Trump defends his time off as Russia investigation intensifies
also playing defense from some big headlines. The president seen mingling with guests during his 17 days away from Pennsylvania avenue. Insisting on Twitter, this is not a vacation. His team digging in amid the cross-suit -- scrutiny from Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation. And the heated exchange between kellyanne Conway and George Stephanopoulos. Here's David Wright. Reporter: This weekend, the president politely spared a moment -- Come on, kids. Everyone having a good time? Reporter: -- To greet some wedding guests at his bedminster golf club. But, he insists, he's busy. "Working in bedminster, N.J., as long planned construction is being done at the white house. This is not a vacation -- meetings and calls!" He has ground to make up. Trump's agenda held hostage by the relentless focus on Russia. The president has said the entire investigation is fabricated. That this is a conclusion in search of evidence. They've come up with nothing. We know now what has come up in just the last few weeks is that don Jr. Responded to an e-mail saying that he was going to get Russian government information on Hillary Clinton. That was not out during the campaign. That was revealed just in the last several weeks. Right. But what came of that meeting? Nothing. Reporter: Today kellyanne Conway admitted that trump is now starting to lose some of his core group of supporters. His approval rating among Republicans and conservatives and trump voters is down slightly. It needs to go up. They are telling him, just enact your program. Reporter: Today the deputy attorney general who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller warned there are limits to the scope of his investigation. The special counsel is subject to the rules and regulations of the department of justice. We don't engage in fishing expeditions. Reporter: George Stephanopoulos pressed kellyanne Conway. Does the president commit to not firing Robert Mueller? He's not discussing that. But will he commit not to fire him? He's not even discussing firing Bob Mueller. That's not what I'm asking. Reporter: Just in case the president is thinking of firing Mueller, a bipartisan group of senators is drafting a bill to ensure trump can't do so on a whim. Republican Tom Tillis is one of the sponsors. We don't want to restrict the administration's authority or the department of justice from removing a counsel, we just want to make sure to the American people they can be convinced it was done for the right reasons. Let's get to David Wright, joining us live. Given the president's current predicament, a growing number of Republicans are already testing the waters for a possible presidential run in 2020. And the vice president is shooting down reports he's one of them. Reporter: That's right. The vice president went so far as to release a statement saying he's 100% focused on the president's agenda and on the president's re-election. Saying reports that suggest otherwise are both laughable and absurd. Tom? David, thank you. Next to the nationwide

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"A bipartisan group of senators is drafting a bill to ensure the president cannot fire Special Counsel Mueller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49069726","title":"Trump defends his time off as Russia investigation intensifies","url":"/WNT/video/trump-defends-time-off-russia-investigation-intensifies-49069726"}