Trump demands identity of writer behind 'gutless editorial'

Denials from senior officials are pouring in, from the attorney general and secretary of state to the vice president.
3:58 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Trump demands identity of writer behind 'gutless editorial'
and weegin with president trump's ger over the anonymous letter posted "The new yk times." Tonigh the present ordering "The times" reveal the idey writer to turn them overfor nationurity purposes. After thatior administration official wrote members of the administraon are protecting the country frnt.t, a longistf far, key figures, members of the cabinet have allenied were behind the letter. An there W genome speculation about a word that used that'seen used before byice presidentike pence. Tonight, home fward T say it was not M. Thesident is said to be seethi, asking I the last 24his treason? Tonight, the clues, the denials and the suggestion he can trs chief whites rrespondenjonathan kl leading us off. The presidenump didn'tay a si word about E enemy within . Presiden are youoing to find out who wrote op-ed but ever since he new yk times" published the anonymous essay, the president has been hing. So,the failin"nork times" has an anonym editorial, can you believe it? Anonymous. Meaning gutles a gutless editorial. Reporter: In the essay, the unnamed nor admintration offial desib president trump's leadership as "Imptuous, adversarial, pet E," adding"the root of president's amorality." Official claims "Ther were early whisperthin the cabinet of invoking th endment,"hich would start a complexcess for rov prident. Iter says there is now quiet resistance within th ministrati," and thamany senior officials "Are working diligently from frustrate rts of the press agenda, D worst inclinations." As the white house tries to figure who wrote the essay, the denials from S officials are pe an a don,rom dense secretary James Mattis to attorney general Jeff sess to theretary of ate. I come from a place where if you're not in a position to execute the commander's intent, have a singular option.that is toea. Reporter: Through waington, pple are mining the essay for clueshatmight reve its author some sooer rogue in on the W W lodestar, noting it is a W that often appear inpeeches vice present pence. To he he felt thed to say it wasn't him. Hink it's disgrace. I think "The new yorktis" editorial shouldashamed, well. Reporter: The first lady is accusin the quote, sabotaging the country. The president is demanding "The times" real the Iden O the author, twting, "The times" must, for national setypurposes, timhir over to government a with the paperditors saying Thon't do th, press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted, if you want to know who gutless loser is, callhe opinion desk of "The New York Times." But at least some Republican aren't used by the essay. Aone who has had any dealings with the white house knows th is exactlthe way things have been from day one, and are today. Reportend today,he president's favorite cable news show is off him som advice. EP it all the family. If I were the president, this is what I would do. I would get the people I can Jared kuivanka, I you want to bring Eric in, and I would put them in key meetings. Jon Karl LE at the white house tonight, and Jon, everyone tryio figure O who the writer is this sir administration official. Ms to be the biggest HT for a mole really S rg Reporter: The hunt is on, david.but it M long time be we find out wrote this essay. Remember, watergat it was more than 3 re we found who throat was. Jon kl ldings off again tonighk you, N. The other story developing as we come on

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Denials from senior officials are pouring in, from the attorney general and secretary of state to the vice president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57656390","title":"Trump demands identity of writer behind 'gutless editorial'","url":"/WNT/video/trump-demands-identity-writer-gutless-editorial-57656390"}