Trump Departs From Fiery Rhetoric

The GOP presidential nominee stepped back from his traditional speech to give a closing argument to his campaign in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.
2:43 | 11/01/16

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Transcript for Trump Departs From Fiery Rhetoric
Meanwhile tonight Donald Trump in two states where Hillary Clinton is leading he needs to turn some Blue States red on election night. Trump with a new tone today his closing argument I made that new image emerging as well of that six foot portrait purchased by his own charity. ABC's Tommy on this in Wisconsin tonight. Tonight with just seven days to group. Don't fault departing from his early speeches to deliver a traditional closing argument. We must cut our ties with the small bitter. Petty politics of the pianist. At that Pennsylvania event running mate Mike Pence spoke first and own characteristic. Six minutes longer than the nominee himself. Then came troll with a promise he will overturn obamacare as soon as he's sworn in Cairo last com. Worse to convene a special session. So we can repeal and replace and we will do it and we will do it very. Very quickly it is a catastrophe. But the strangest part of the speech what trump left out no mention of Hillary Clinton's. Attacks on Clinton at all I'm asking you. To dream big. To push for a bold change. And to believe in a movement powered by our love for each other. And her love for our country put trump unable to avoid some of the controversies dogging him this campaign. The Washington Post publishing this image a six foot self portrait trump reportedly bought using money from his charitable foundation. Despite the questions about his charitable giving and his refusal to release his taxes. Patrols most loyal supporters are sticking with them routes at a rally here Wisconsin take a look at this line as far as the eye can see. Still today the New York Times out with a front page story scrutinizing. How trump may have avoided paying federal income taxes for years. Today RG MA he's deputy campaign manager signaling voters may not get answers before Election Day. So he's not going to release his tax returns before the election. He's gonna release someone has audits complete and even though there are several returns not under. He's gonna release of monies are not under our. Todd dumbest joins us now from Wisconsin tonight in Tom recourse saw trump in Pennsylvania earlier today now in Wisconsin both of these. Blue States at this point at least according to the polling but he needs some of this blue as a major to turn red on Election Day. A Davidow he's putting his money where his mouthpiece we explore tonight the trump campaign is spending twenty flight million dollars in several battleground states including your Wisconsin. At Pennsylvania but also and other states some consider to be hail marys to turn red states like New Mexico and Michigan.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The GOP presidential nominee stepped back from his traditional speech to give a closing argument to his campaign in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43230676","title":"Trump Departs From Fiery Rhetoric","url":"/WNT/video/trump-departs-fiery-rhetoric-43230676"}