Trump fires back at Michael Cohen allegations

Trump tweeted he "never directed Michael Cohen to break the law," contrary to what federal prosecutors contend.
2:36 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Trump fires back at Michael Cohen allegations
Presiden firing balk aisr fixer and personal ayichael Cohen was sen T prison esident trump now saying never directed Cohen to break the andt Cohen, a lawyer, was SUPD to know E law. Here's a cef white house correspondent Jonathan Karl. Eporter: The president today using BAC against his er lawyer and fixer, ael Cohen, W says then-candidate Donald Trump directed him to make illegal hush money pments to womuring am I never direcd him too anything wrong. Whatever he did, he didn his own. Reporter: Butt's not just Cohen. Theublisher or "The national enquirer long-time tru friend David pecker, told federal prosetoe, too, worked wh trump and Cohen to suppress stories of women who had allegedaffairs. T trump's story about hnts changed overime. Hed the American people nothing. Did you know about the $130,000 payment T STO daels? No, no. Reporter: Then, he said H onnew after the fact. Did you know a payments? Later on, iew late on. Reporter: Now, hels the to porn star stormy Daniels "Simpleri transaction" and it'shael Cohen's fault if he bro any la It's a lawythey're suosed to do the right thin hy you paym lot of money. Reporter: But on F normally trump friendly er judgewapolitano said prosecutors have evidence the presid O the united pull the blame on his fr lawyer. The fy paying Micha Cohen to commit a felony it's pretty basic. Dy hires you, a hires B to oot someone. A is as as he had pulled the trger. You pay someone to commit a crim Ty commithe crime, you areliable. Criminally liable. Let's get to Jon Karl, ve at T white Hou night. And Jon, president trump H saidot. Doe have a idea if his legal Tes conceed about the possibility that he could be india? Eporter: David, the president's legal team is idence thathe justice departmeees with tm THA a sittingdet be indict. As for whether or not they ar cod that H could face ctment after he leaves office, his legal isuch more concerned about things right here and now thanthing THA far f,david. All right, J Karl live a th white house tonight. Jon, thank you. A justoments ago, George stephanopo sitting dn for W with michaelcohe that interew airs tomorrow morning,ht here ongood inica." Meantime tonight, new

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Trump tweeted he \"never directed Michael Cohen to break the law,\" contrary to what federal prosecutors contend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59809409","title":"Trump fires back at Michael Cohen allegations","url":"/WNT/video/trump-fires-back-michael-cohen-allegations-59809409"}