Trump slams ex-aide after she releases recording of her firing

He called Omarosa Manigault Newman, who also released a recording with Trump after the firing, "vicious but not smart."
4:36 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for Trump slams ex-aide after she releases recording of her firing
In the meant, to the her story developing, form Wes wadviser, omarosa, who goes all the way back"the apprenti" with the pride tonight, this's released a cret report the presidt. Omos one of the esident's fiercestsupporters, cim the recordinas made the day after she wasfir she ha leased a tape W John Kelly, as well. , Could in legal jpardy F those rerdings? Here's ABC's chief whi H Jonathan Karl. Ephe was one the very few white house aides close todent trump bot into polits. No he's call R "Wacky OMAR" tweeting, "People in thwhite houshated her. Thorough, she surreptitiously taher own firingsneaking recording device io ion room. Hi. I'm only going to stay for a conutes. E ers.we're gointok to you about leaving the white house. Rthe recording, which she released to NBC news, chief of staff John Kelly told her she S red for, quote, "Integrity issues." Heretty signicant legal issues THA hope don' develop into something that -- . But I important T understand that if we make this a friendly depaure, we C all be -- you know, you can look at th nation. Reporter: She trio resist. Ie presidenaware of Ng on? Don't do -- let's not down the road. This is n-negotiab scussion. I don'tt to negotte I just -I've neveralked -- hachance to talk to Yo general Kelly, sf this is my departure, I'de to have let an opportunity -- No. -- To stand. We can -- we can talk another time. This hasdo with some pretty ous integry olations. Soll let it that. So, the staff and everyone on staff works for me, the es conversa this time, a phoall with T ident hims Oma's St saw in E you're thinking about leaving.what happed?alelly -- Gener tellame to me a S that you guys wanted me to leave. No. Nobody even told me about it. Nobody. Wow. You know,a big operation, but I didn't it. I W that. I don't love you leaving at all. Reporter: But now, a dient story Llife. She's a lowlife. Reporter: He tweeted omarosa S, quote, asty to people and would cotantly mismeetings and work. Wh general K ce onboard, he told M she W a loser and nothinbutroblems. I told him to try working it ou if possible, becashe only said great things Abo me until she got fired." At's true. When I say Donald, you say Donald! Tru! Rtehere wasn't a peep of criticism when she sat Ith ABC's boroberts days aer she was fired. Dth P is racist? Absolutely I would nevet nor workor meone whi Beto be a racist. My ee Donald Trump -- Nor would I have continued a relationship, a friendship, bussnship with someone 14 years II lived THA Reporr: But soo she started turning. First,anity TV show -- 'D like to not my oblem, but I can't say that because,e, it's ba Reporter: And now ss at-out cng the predent a racist and a bigot. I had a blind swhere it came to donarump. I O see the St in him. And obvious I failed miserably. Reporter:n "Meet th pres" she sayshe made the recordings to prt herself. Would believe me. No O. Jon kl us LIV tig from the W and Jon, many questns tonight about ho omarosa recordedse prest. Theio W clear. Jon, the situation is supposed to be one of the most secure places in the white house. In any L jeopard for these secret recordings? Repter: Well sheer violated white houserules, vid. Yb goes into that roomupposed teave all electronic devices at thedoor. Areimply permitted in the siton room by wte use rule it's unclear, though, that she ion. David? Jon Karl startinno week the whi house for us.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"He called Omarosa Manigault Newman, who also released a recording with Trump after the firing, \"vicious but not smart.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57155649","title":"Trump slams ex-aide after she releases recording of her firing","url":"/WNT/video/trump-slams-aide-releases-recording-firing-57155649"}