Trump's Twitter slam

The wrestling video that shows Trump pummeling a person with the CNN logo on their head is symbolic of his larger battle with the media.
2:19 | 07/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump's Twitter slam
Next, the big week ahead for trump. Including that high stakes meeting with Vladimir Putin, but he heads into it with a storm at his back after tweeting out an outlandish video. A spoof clip showing him knocking down a character that represents CNN. People on both sides of the aisle disagree. ABC's David Kerley reporting from the white house. Reporter: Tonight, president trump returning to Washington, preparing for his big week. Tweeting he's been calling a who's who of world leaders. China, and Japan on North Korea. Arab gulf leaders on Middle East peace and Europeans ahead of this week's summit, that includes Vladimir Putin. But it is this tweet, and video -- getting all the attention. Of Mr. Trump in an earlier wrestling -- fake fight -- but doctored with the CNN logo covering the victim. An escalation of the president's battle with the media. The media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but I'm president and they are not. Reporter: Now one Republican accusing the president of trying to weaponize distrust. The first amendment is the beating heart of the American experiment, and you don't get to separate the freedoms that are in there. Reporter: The white house homeland security adviser watching the video on ABC's "This week," coming to the president's defense. You're head of homeland security there. That seems like a threat. Certainly not though. I hope they don't perceive that as a threat. Reporter: But CNN persists that tweet encourages violence against reporters. This after a white house supporter said this. The president in no way form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence of anything. Quite the contrary. And David Kerley joins us from the white house, and David, the president is ramping up his fight with the media days before he heads out on an international trip where he'll meet with Vladimir Putin. Reporter: We don't know how long that will go, but they have a lot to talk about, including Syria and Ukraine. He'll talk to Putin about election mingling and here in the United States. That's the big question. All right, David. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The wrestling video that shows Trump pummeling a person with the CNN logo on their head is symbolic of his larger battle with the media. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"48425550","title":"Trump's Twitter slam","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-twitter-slam-48425550"}