Turkey 911: A Busy Day for Butterball Operators

Turkey experts help to prevent Thanksgiving Day disasters.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turkey 911: A Busy Day for Butterball Operators
They are those tireless operators answering the butterball hotline for panicked calls and -- all over America on this holiday. We -- little glad to -- we weren't the only ones were in today those dedicated operators we asked them what were they being asked by those cooks. From all over the country American families and their computer -- in this he took the Thanksgiving Turkey still not. We're not -- -- could be the size of the Turkey the average size now thirty pounds just sixteen pounds back in 1960. Pacific classic video from this family -- deep fried -- yeah. It happens more than you think we're out crowd here -- the states. But you could always count on the kids to be positive to listen to little girl the background. Yeah. -- but outside Chicago tonight to try to keep that from happening butterball operators Carol stand and Cole and Mary. -- checking in with -- world news this Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving world news. All working eight hour shift today there and I'm Eric they wanna be talked -- -- Mary answered the phone for 28 years calls from everywhere. Every corner of the house. Oh absolutely. They've been in closets for they want their whispering because they don't want anybody to -- -- but they're crying because -- an argument going on colors men. And now helping to make at Thanksgiving meal but how much help. Channeling called and he was giving -- to do list by his wife. And he was told he need to thaw the Turkey and -- that the twins so he was can that not an all out and he with and it. Beat the twins and -- a Turkey alongside in the act -- it was a dirt on one shot. He put the Turkey. In wouldn't with the kids yes PDA operators have heard it all we -- -- electric blanket here folks -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone use an electric blanket of the other Turkey yes they sure didn't Republican -- -- -- -- -- kept shutting off her elaborate -- He denied -- on the -- real. Thing. -- -- Nicole answered the line for more than a decade now she started here she got married. I can't get -- calling now the wedding and honeymoon wait a minute you post on your honeymoon -- because I didn't I sure didn't. Money and -- world. -- her husband is -- one home cooking today. Still married and we actually have -- little -- all of our own town south Ponce found.

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{"id":21045114,"title":"Turkey 911: A Busy Day for Butterball Operators ","duration":"3:00","description":"Turkey experts help to prevent Thanksgiving Day disasters.","url":"/WNT/video/turkey-911-busy-day-butterball-operators-21045114","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}