Turkey Earthquake: Search for Survivors

Rescuers race to find missing victims after 7.2 quake.
2:23 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Turkey Earthquake: Search for Survivors
And now we head overseas to Turkey where rescuers -- in a race against time scanning the rubble for signs of life in the aftermath of that seven point two earthquake. And this is what it looked like at the moment as. Impact this is inside an apartment building -- -- everything was moving there was chaos in the streets survivors searching for their loved ones would. Everything they had. ABC's Alex mark court followed the dramatic stories -- one of the hardest hit cities -- Alex. Diane has been a frantic an emotional scene out here today rescue workers townspeople family members all working together to help find survivors. They tell us they still have hope. But -- time is running out. -- a city of half a million people the destruction is limited to a few blocks. But its total. Buildings collapsed into unrecognizable. Piles of steel and concrete. Everywhere we looked people work. Digging. Somewhere -- including this woman trapped for eighteen hours saved by her fiance who raced sixty miles -- Tracking down her location from friends and convincing a crew today. This man crawled into a tiny space in this collapsed apartment building. Going down as -- as -- It they think there's still five or six people buried underneath this rubble they haven't heard any signs of life but they're still digging in concede that it's not just the professionals the regular people digging with their bare hands. Doing whatever they can to help. Didn't this man told us his daughter in -- is missing somewhere beneath us. Are you still hopeful they can find your daughter -- online I love them just in -- god inspires us He told me not to lose hope. As night fell the men knelt in silent prayer. Search and rescue operations were also underway today in nearby energies that town hardest hit by the quake. -- -- -- my nephew his wife and their child all three dead this man said. People have been rescued up to two weeks after major quakes like this man in -- But those miracles are all too rare. Temperatures are dropping -- freezing tonight and thousands are spending the night outside either unable or too afraid to go indoors. A short while ago I spoke with a Turkish man who said. Please tell everyone we need help. --

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{"id":14806138,"title":"Turkey Earthquake: Search for Survivors","duration":"2:23","description":"Rescuers race to find missing victims after 7.2 quake.","url":"/WNT/video/turkey-earthquake-search-survivors-14806138","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}