More Twisters and Severe Weather in Store For the Heartland

After suffering a devastating blow from tornados more severe weather is on the way putting 75 million Americans at risk.
2:35 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for More Twisters and Severe Weather in Store For the Heartland
To those twin twisters early in the week now this another giant tornado hitting and not far away. It's been a terrifying 48 hours and they are on alert again tonight where it's hitting next and a moment here. The first ABC's Steve -- Sami is -- there tonight. Talk about right. Large powerful tornado hovering above farms and sports Nebraska held still for nearly forty minutes. The average tornado moved fast 35 miles an hour or more but this -- not at all. When it didn't move just five miles an hour throwing rocks and killing livestock is -- just their way where -- At night here's what was hiding in the dark when another tornado the -- we weren't able to see it until lightning struck and little -- -- Infielder Nebraska where those twin tornadoes killed two people families cleaning up are hoping for Palmer skies tonight. Marianne when Hoff has lived here since 1972. Her home was badly damaged by one of the twisters everything -- Believes it to the next step. Their faith is being tested in South Dakota and EF two tornado hit a farm near -- with nearly a 125. Mile an hour winds. Parts of the Dakotas are under a watch tonight in the severe weather threat extends east to Pennsylvania. And Maryland. -- Steve -- and -- tonight Steve thank you just unbelievable they got hit again with twisters more severe weather on the way tonight is Steve mentions there. So let's bring back a meteorologist Mike -- who grew up in that area he joins us from the -- center at WCVB and Mike there are alerts up again tonight and you were telling me. Possibly even more people in the path of all this. That's right David seventy million people -- in this area that we're looking -- for severe weather tonight. All the way from Canada's -- Mexico and clear to the East Coast we're concerned about large hail strong winds and possibly. Even some tornadoes we had to the overnight in the meantime Mike the other major headline tonight of course the heat what kind of temperatures and humidity are we looking at over the next 24 hours. That's right -- it is not just the heat is the humidity our bodies cool less officially when humidity is high so that combination makes for dangerous conditions take for example Washington DC. -- hit record highs yesterday very -- today but when you factor in the humidity. It feels like it's over 100 degrees and it's not just DC it's most of the East Coast cool air trying to make its way from Canada but that air mass will not make it very far south. And so we still see the muggy conditions and a sizzling south. All the way it looks like for the weekend look at the high temperatures tomorrow upper ninety's close to 100 degrees again all right -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":24203739,"title":"More Twisters and Severe Weather in Store For the Heartland","duration":"2:35","description":"After suffering a devastating blow from tornados more severe weather is on the way putting 75 million Americans at risk.","url":"/WNT/video/twisters-severe-weather-store-heartland-24203739","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}