Twitter Stock Rallies on Wall Street

David Muir looks at why the popular stock exceeded projected outcomes.
3:11 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twitter Stock Rallies on Wall Street
A giant milestone for an american company today, that little blue bird, the mascot of twitter soaring one the first day of trading as a public company. We've seen it topple governments and galvanize voters. Anyone before today, diane, could send out one of those 140 character tweets. I've just sent one out right now on the air. You can actually own a piece of twitter right now. Tonight we ask who has won the lottery already. Reporter: Wall street all atwitter today, more than 74 million shares exchanging. This stock price surpassed almost everybody's expectations. Reporter: Like facebook before it, twitter now part of the way this country communicates, every day americans sending those lightning fast messages. The most retweeted message ever? From president obama the night he won re-election, that image, a hug from the first lady, more than 810,000 people retweeting it. Much of twitter also celebrity driven, the first member to hit 1 million followers, ashton kutcher. Dropping my first tweet. Remember tom hanks in cast away? Hello, anybody? Reporter: Isolated from the world then and in real life his first tweet, not that different. Testing, testing, is this thing on? Tonight it's the average american investor asking the questions, will it help your retirem retirement portfolio. Ten shares of amazon when it went public? 180 worth $41,000 today. Group groupon, ten shares at $200 when it went public worth $95 today. It definitely is a gamble. Nobody is going to be making money if they buy twitter today the next day. This is going to be a long term play for any investor. Reporter: Tonight there are already those who essentially won the lottery. Workers on twitter sitting on stock and the founders, jack dorsey, the founder. We asked him about the power of twitter, proof he says that movements are fueled by twitter. Some grow very large and groebal and some stay small. This is not a small one. No. Reporter: You might be wondering how will twitter make money for investors? They point to the companies buying ads on twitter. I'm on my twitter page and i decided to search starbucks. I just want to show you what afternoon happens. The first tweet that comes up is promoted by duncan doughnuts. Companies actually paying for placement. I searched starbucks there. Diane, these are the tweets coming into us tonight. I searched our names, too. The other brand names don't come up. We're safe. Tweet us hello, everybody.

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{"id":20823983,"title":"Twitter Stock Rallies on Wall Street","duration":"3:11","description":"David Muir looks at why the popular stock exceeded projected outcomes.","url":"/WNT/video/twitter-stock-rallies-wall-street-20823983","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}