Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines is One of the Most Powerful Ever Recorded

Deadly storm pummels the Philippines with the death toll expected to rise.
2:37 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines is One of the Most Powerful Ever Recorded
As we come on the air, we're looking at the aftermath of one of the strongest storms ever to tear across the ocean and smash into land. That super typhoon, 195 mile per hour winds cutting through the philippines. Families there waking up to the reality of what they survived. So what caused this turbo charged storm? Let's get right to abc's meteorologist ginger zee. Reporter: This is what it feels like inside a super typhoon. The waves crashing. Cameras shaking as 15 crew members, who were working on a barge, are just barely rescued from the turbulent ocean. Super typhoon haiyan raced across the philippines kicking waves high, 195 mile per hour winds. Power lines shredded, leaving millions unable to communicate. And tonight, we dive into the eye of the storm. Talking to reporter val balita, who has been there right through it all. We also experienced storm surges, so the houses in the coastal areas are also devastated. Reporter: Those winds, so intense, this storm will likely go down as the strongest to make land fall, but how is wind speed measured? An estimate made by satellite. See, that satellite up in space has an instrument on it called a scatterometer, that instrument beams microwaves through the clouds of the storm, hit the ocean and reflect back up at different angles, that helps the satellite determine the speed of the wind. And the wind speed matters not the size of the storm. Let's look at that super typhoon before land fall yesterday. We measured diameter of the storm usually by looking at the tropical storm force winds and how far out those go. Well, in this super typhoon, is about 300 miles across. So it's relatively small compared to a storm say like irene, that was almost double that, but much weaker. Our own gloria rivera on the ground. We are at this church, predominantly catholic country they are calling on the power of prayer, bishops leading the people in a prayer against impending casualties, that number should become more clear. Reporter: That prayer being asked for around the world, as the storm exits the fill feens next stop vietnam. And that's just it. The sun again coming up, we'll learn more about how catastrophic the storm was, one thing I can tell you, in 24 hours it goes to vietnam and hits as a lesser storm, category two, but still pretty significant. Still taking a lot of wind. We'll learn more, still so much unknown. Thank you. Now we turn to the

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{"id":20834614,"title":"Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines is One of the Most Powerful Ever Recorded","duration":"2:37","description":"Deadly storm pummels the Philippines with the death toll expected to rise.","url":"/WNT/video/typhoon-haiyan-philippines-powerful-recorded-20834614","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}