Pepper-Spray Flare-Up

Campus police under fire for pepper spraying students during Occupy protest.
2:08 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pepper-Spray Flare-Up
That video that sparked a firestorm over the weekend police -- -- the University of California Davis aiming pepper spray at peaceful protesters just sitting down. University presence facing tough questions about whether the police went too far. And today the campus was flooded with thousands of protesters. ABC Cecilia Vega was there. Images have gone by -- seeded UC Davis protesters sprayed directly in the face by campus police. Today thousands showed up at that same spot to protest what they -- police brutality. ABC news has learned the police chief is now on leave along with two officers. The -- pepper -- is the same as in Tabasco sauce -- a hundred times more concert. -- it and it Salt Lake. My face was peeling off. Felt like my hands were on fire I spent the next hour dry heaving -- vomiting. And I still have a harsh. Burned in my throughout my body in my nose in my -- It causes burning of the skin as well as uncontrollable coughing and gagging if it gets in the eyes the lids can not be opened. In the throat it causes swelling restricts breathing and makes a person weaker. Those effects visible on the face of this elderly protestor pepper sprayed in Seattle last week. Many officers know what it feels like -- They get sprayed in training. Some law enforcement experts tell us this was an appropriate use of pepper spray protesters who had locked arms and -- in -- to leave. They did not comply and the police officers were panel and power to use force and he did just that happens and nothing compared to. What we've seen in other situations where -- are swinging and people's heads are being split open. Today the chancellor of the university apologize. Call 800 go to what happened and -- big. Now in spite of growing calls for the chancellor to resign she said today she plans to stay on the job. And it appears a number of students plan to stay out here on this -- left -- a handful of them just directed some tense.

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{"id":15002454,"title":"Pepper-Spray Flare-Up","duration":"2:08","description":"Campus police under fire for pepper spraying students during Occupy protest.","url":"/WNT/video/uc-davis-protesters-pepper-sprayed-15002454","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}