Ukraine Crisis: Russia Launches Missiles

The Russian military went forward with ICBM tests despite rising tensions with the U.S.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Ukraine Crisis: Russia Launches Missiles
And we begin with that faceoff between two of the world's superpowers. Russia and the United States, in a chess game filled with tension, tonight. The eyes of the world, still right here . Within O one side, Europe. On the other, driven by Vladimir Putin. And in the middle, Ukraine, crimea, and an international tug-of-war. Martha Raddatz is traveling with the secretary of state. And she is standing by. And ABC's chief foreign correspondent, terry Moran, is on the story tonight. Starting us off with the latest on that crisis in Ukraine. Reporter: At belbek air base here this morning, Ukrainian troops, unarmed, marched toward the Russian guns. And as they marched, they sang their national anthem. Confronting the Russians who had seized control of their base, forward under the Ukrainian flag they came. The Russians yelled, then fired. Warning shots. But the first shots fired here. Negotiations and the Ukrainians withdrew, heads held high. It was a die of high tension. Russia testing an icbm. A scheduled launch. But still, a statement. Mr. Kerry, welcome to Ukraine. Thank you. Reporter: In kiev, the Ukrainian capital 500 miles away, secretary of state Kerry walked the streets where scores of Ukrainians died in protests last month, then praised their revolution. What they stood for so bravely I say with full conviction, will never be stolen by bullies or by invasions. It is called freedom. Reporter: In Moscow, Vladimir Putin offered a different version, a different reality in an extraordinary appearance. The new Ukrainian government? Illegitimate, he said. U.s. Support for it was like, running experiments on rats. And then the U.S., he said, must stop encouraging what he called illegal change in the territory of the former soviet union. The soviet union shaped Putin, a loyal kgb officer for 15 years. And here's what this country looked like back then, a colossus. And this is how it shrunk what the soviet union collapsed, which Putin called, the greatest catastrophe of the century. His world view, shaped by the loss of an empire. He was born in a large soviet space that encompassed a huge part of theette's land mass. They call themselves soviet, by which they mostly meant Russian. Reporter: President Obama said Putin, quote, isn't fooling anybody. But Putin is less interested in winning arguments than in shaping history. With thousands of troops on the ground and in control here in crimea, he is doing just that. Diane? Thank you, terry. As you said, secretary of state John Kerry was on the ground in Ukraine. And ABC's chief global affairs correspondent, Martha Raddatz, is traveling with him and joining us right now. Martha, give it to us straight. Is the United States closer to conflict with Russia tonight or not? Reporter: Vladimir Putin, the bully, Vladimir Putin, may already have gotten what he wants, crimea. So, it's very possible he won't push any further. This is the way that man negotiates. He is a bully. He is hammer-handed. This is how he operates. But there's going to be meetings. They are negotiating? Reporter: There are negotiations going on. Tomorrow, secretary Kerry will be meeting with the Russian foreign minister here in Paris. Secretary Kerry wants to get this settled as soon as possible. At the end of the day, can the United States let Russia keep crimea this way? Reporter: A simple answer to that is, is Europe going to go to war over crimea? The United States certainly won't. So, that may well happen. All right. Martha Raddatz, as we said, traveling with the secretary of state. Thank you so much for joining us right now.

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{"id":22776270,"title":"Ukraine Crisis: Russia Launches Missiles","duration":"3:00","description":"The Russian military went forward with ICBM tests despite rising tensions with the U.S.","url":"/WNT/video/ukraine-crisis-russia-launches-missiles-22776270","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}