Ultimate Survival Alaska

Rare look inside the world of the survival elite – how long would you last in the ice-cold wilderness?
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Ultimate Survival Alaska
Finally tonight a question of endurance. How long would you last in the ice cold wilderness, little more than clothes on your back? Do you know the secrets of surviving in a frozen world? Travel with abc's neal karlinsky. Reporter: We're mushing sled dogs across the frozen alaskan wilderness. No cars, no food, no shelter. Our guides 26-year-old iditarod champion dallas seavey and 36-year-old eddie ahyakak native alaska born survival expert. You spent a lot of the time just trying to slow these dogs down. There is a foot brake here that you can use. Reporter: Over the next 48 hours, they take us inside their world making shelters from scratch, starting fires without matches, even building snow shoes from tree branches. I would be far more afraid spending a week in new york than in alaska. Reporter: Dallas and eddie are just two in a motley crew of outdoor survival elite facing off in the national geographic reality show "ultimate survival alaska" which airs sunday. Their bag of tricks a few drops can purify water. An old flint and knife and chapstick as a fire starter. Yes, chapstick. I'm going to smear some of this chapstick into this cotton ball and it's going to act like a candle. Reporter: We're soon making tea from melted snow and pine needles. That's the key, right? You warm the core? You can heat people from the outside in, fire, warm clothes, et cetera but think about it, if you drink something up, all of a sudden you're burning up. Reporter: As night fell there was nothing these two couldn't do. Ultimate survival for us but for them it's a way of life. A true survive can go in the woods with a knife and flint and stay there as long as you want. Reporter: Neal karlinsky abc

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{"id":21283573,"title":"Ultimate Survival Alaska","duration":"3:00","description":"Rare look inside the world of the survival elite – how long would you last in the ice-cold wilderness?","url":"/WNT/video/ultimate-survival-alaska-21283573","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}