Undercover Shopping Can Mean Big Savings at Your Favorite Store

Secret shoppers can save big time as long as they're willing to be a spy.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Undercover Shopping Can Mean Big Savings at Your Favorite Store
Next, tonight, our "Real money" team is back. Imagine getting paid to shop in your favorite store. As long as you're willing to be a spy. ABC's chief business correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis and the everyday James bonds making thousands. Reporter: Meet Todd gibbons. He may look like an ordinary shopper. But watch this. Todd walks the aisles of this Duane reade drugstore, snapping photos. And he's getting paid to do it. Todd, I'm told you're a secret shopper. Yes, I am. Reporter: And the secret's out. In just eight months, he's already raking it in. How much money have you made? I've made just over $12,000. Reporter: $12,000? Yeah. Reporter: Todd secret shops in his spare time through a free app called gigwalk. Gigwalk posts quick jobs around town for members to complete. Big brands hire apps like gigwalk or easyshift to check up on their products or to check out the competition. Gigwalk says there are about 400,000 walkers across America on average making $10 to $15 an hour. Todd is one of their top earners. And while available gigs vary by location, there are postings for all 50 states. For side money, it's a really easy job. Reporter: And financial expert, farnoosh torabi. The task wants you to check how the different products are displayed on the shelves. Reporter: We take a few pics, answer a few survey questions, and we're done in five minutes. And for shopping at home, she recommends rebates. Did you know companies are letting you pay with tweets instead of cash? At this Marc Jacobs shop, you get items like these perfume bottles for a tweet or instagram post about them. How much money would that cost? Probably $50 minimum. Rebecca's with us now. Everyone wants to sign up for this. How do you not get kicked out of the store if you're spying on people or taking pictures. The store can ask you to leave or ask you to stop taking pictures. Gigwalk says, do what you say. You'll get reimbursed. And it happens about 1% of the time. Thanks, Rebecca. When we come back here, a big "Made in America" headline

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{"id":22401433,"title":"Undercover Shopping Can Mean Big Savings at Your Favorite Store","duration":"3:00","description":"Secret shoppers can save big time as long as they're willing to be a spy.","url":"/WNT/video/undercover-shopping-big-savings-favorite-store-22401433","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}