Undercover Shopping Reveals Big Money Deals

Bargain hunting with secret shopper tracks down super savings for family.
2:49 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Undercover Shopping Reveals Big Money Deals
And next our "real money" team going across america this week to find ways to save you a lot of money and tonight the secret of saving hundreds of dollars when you are shopping even at the mall. Abc's paula faris shows smart and easy ways to find great deals everywhere. Reporter: Our secret shopper is going to walk into this mall, no coupons, no austin dillons without signing up for a credit signing up for a credit card. And walk out with bags of bargains. And abc contributor and negotiation expert tory johnson. You know we like to save extra. Reporter: Says these new jersey moms can too. I didn't know you could do that in a mall. Reporter: Tip number one, negotiate. We hooked our team up to find out how. First stop, a new jacket. Tory asks for a discount right away. Are there any coupons? 50 percent off today. Okay, great. Is there anything else that it can be combined with? Reporter: Tory finds out there is a second coupon but she had to have gotten it in the mail. Can I get it here in the store? Getting a no, tory goes straight to the manager. She calls the manager and success. Okay. So you will give it to me? Yes. Great. Reporter: The manager will honor the second coupon anyway, just for asking. It's $25 but I'm saying -- $5.44. Reporter: Next stop new sneakers. It took three tries but the third store fit. What did you give us off? 10. Reporter: Use adds like shop you lar and deal. You can see that there is an instore coupon. Reporter: And scan the product and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Tip number three, the best time to get a deal, thursday and friday because it's when sales associates may know what's going on that weekend. They might tip you off on things because you're here today. Reporter: When we meet up with our moms -- did you get a discount? Yes. I saved $14. Victory! Reporter: Two very important things to remember, be kind and be realistic. Our expect says that most sales associates or managers have the ability to take off 10 or 20 percent. You may find that you have better luck at bigger stores and tomorrow night, diane, real money heads to an nfl game. You will be astounded how reasonable it was for our family to head to a game. Be persistent. Yes. If it doesn't work with one associate, see another. Thank you, paula.

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{"id":20390024,"title":"Undercover Shopping Reveals Big Money Deals ","duration":"2:49","description":"Bargain hunting with secret shopper tracks down super savings for family. ","url":"/WNT/video/undercover-shopping-reveals-big-money-deals-20390024","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}