The United States and Iran Working on a Nuclear Deal

Could an agreement be in the near future that would open relations between Iran and America?
2:33 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for The United States and Iran Working on a Nuclear Deal
Now we turn to the tantalizing hope tonight that one of america's adversaries may be less dangerous. The world asking, is a nuclear weapons deal with iran finally within reach. America's top diplomat ready to meet face to face, can america trust the iranians? Chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz talking to sources all day about the deal. Martha. Reporter: Diane, signs indicate tonight that a deal may be imminent. The administration clearly seeing this as a once in a generation chance to avoidhe t nightmare of iran getting a nuclear weapon. The big question, can the world trust this smile? Tonight, we may be closer to an answer. An all out push for a deal is on. Secretary kerry, who made the surprise visit, picking his words carefully. I want to emphasize, still very important issues on the table, that are unresolved. It is important for those to be properly thoroughly addressed. Rich the likely agreement? Some of the sanctions that crippled iran's economy are lifted in exchange some of iran's nuclear program halted. It's a rare opening, coming as iran's new more open minded president hassan rouhani has signaled the time may be now. Something the u.S. Desperately wants, a nuclear iran long being what's kept presidents awake at night. That it might use that bomb and it might spur its neighbors to get bombs and suddenly an unstable middle east could go nuclear and go badly nuclear. Reporter: Would this agreement end fears? Not according to israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who is outraged. It's the deal of the century for iran, it's a very dangerous and bad deal -- Reporter: Famously using his illustration of a bomb with a red line to drive the point home, netanyahu believes letting up the threat of force would only buy iran time to secretly make their weapon. The u.S. Made clear any deal depends on rigorous enforcement. But experts we talked to today say that is not always easy to do. Any deal will require a leap of faith. But u.S. Officials say that with iran's new president showing a willingness to negotiate, it is the best chance they have, and one they cannot pass up, diane. Watching throughout the weekend. Thank you, martha raddatz.

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{"id":20834264,"title":"The United States and Iran Working on a Nuclear Deal","duration":"2:33","description":"Could an agreement be in the near future that would open relations between Iran and America?","url":"/WNT/video/united-states-iran-working-nuclear-deal-20834264","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}