US Agents Nabbed in Iran, Lebanon

Capture of CIA-hired spies jeopardizes national security in Middle East.
3:07 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Agents Nabbed in Iran, Lebanon
BC news has learned of the devastating setback to America's security. A story that reads like an international spy thriller except it's all too real. At least a dozen US undercover agents have been captured and are feared execute. Tracking this exclusive story tonight is our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross this is something. Indeed George intelligence analysts say the US is now flying blind in Iran and Lebanon. After those dozen US paid spies in two distinct networks have been caught with fears they have been pursued Mike. In around the -- is a huge and embarrassing intelligence setback. Especially with the country on the verge of building a nuclear weapon. But the United States blind in the Middle East. Can only hurt this country's national security. And in it in -- very significant way the CIA only realized how bad it was after reviewing a new story on state run TV in Iraq. Usually labeled lies and propaganda by the US American officials say this broadcast actually revealed some CIA sources and methods. The program even showed the web sites of several companies that the Iranians said we're CIA fronts used for Covert communications. US agents to use these identities to contact him on citizens who they have targeted for Covert operations. In Lebanon most of the CIA spy network inside the terror group Hezbollah has also been compromised US officials said today. Part of the blame they say goes too sloppy procedures by CIA officers in Beirut we have lost her touch -- with espionage. It turns out the CIA met many of its spies in the same places a Pizza Hut and a public beach. And failed to detect to double agents sent in by has -- Who learned of the secret locations. ABC's Alexander mark what is in Beirut. Through careful monitoring. Has -- -- able to figure out who the US diplomats and handlers work. In Washington today no one wanted to talk publicly about the massive CIA failure. At the State Department. I'm certainly not comment on anything having to do with himself. Or at the White House -- -- -- comment on and on intelligence matters from here. The only public comment comes from an unnamed US official who said that failure can always be expected in the risky game of espionage. The exposed US assets failure will most likely mean a death sentence for the US it means a dangerous gap in the knowledge of what to determine US enemies. These are up especially in Iran Moriarty has so much -- -- and Brian. One of your other investigations got action today the president signed into law the tape -- -- peace corps. Volunteer -- was named for a young woman who was murdered in 2009 while serving in the peace corps. After she blew the whistle on a fellow volunteer who she believed was molesting. Young girls and this is gonna protect whistle blowers and victims of violent crimes that's right exactly very important for people -- to be able to come forward. And not expect to -- -- because it's -- proves he's mother told ABC news this is restored her faith in humankind. Good work.

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{"id":15002256,"title":"US Agents Nabbed in Iran, Lebanon","duration":"3:07","description":"Capture of CIA-hired spies jeopardizes national security in Middle East.","url":"/WNT/video/us-agents-captured-iran-lebanon-15002256","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}