US Captain, Engineer Kidnapped Off Ship Near Nigeria

Official: Attackers separated ship's crew by nationality.
2:11 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Captain, Engineer Kidnapped Off Ship Near Nigeria
Also tonight a new and dangerous drama on the high seas, americans taken hostage by pirates. The story straight out of a movie playing across the country, but this is real and the americans were singled out, chosen by te-bye the pirates for the frightening journey. Brian ross on the story with the latest details. Reporter: It broad daylight. According to u.S. Military officials, the crew was sorted by nationality and only the two americans were taken captive. You take an american you get a good price. At the same time you can bring a lot of heat on you, too. Reporter: The last known position of the ship was about 15 miles off the coast of nigeria, on the western side of rica, 30 percent of u.S. Oil comes through these waters and they are increasingly a hot spot of piracy. It's a very attractive place to operate in terms of the ransom that you can get. Reporter: Two americans are believed to have been taken to land, known havens to a number of pirate and militant groups that have captured other american and foreign oil workers before demanding ransom. Oil worker texas richards was held for months there. They banged us up a little bit, slapped us around with rifles and put us in the boats. Reporter: The u.S. Says there is no current american military operation to free the hostages. Unlike the dramatic case portrayed in the current hit movie captain phillips when u.S. NAVY S.E.A.L.s WERE BROUGHT IN. The real captain told abc news pirates are part of a sea captain. If you don't want to deal with piracy you need another job. Reporter: Teams have now been assigned overseas and at the homes of the families waiting for word from the pirates. In the best case officials say it will come down to a negotiation over money often dropped by parachutes or trans-ford. Thank you, brian.

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{"id":20676033,"title":"US Captain, Engineer Kidnapped Off Ship Near Nigeria","duration":"2:11","description":"Official: Attackers separated ship's crew by nationality.","url":"/WNT/video/us-captain-engineer-kidnapped-off-ship-nigeria-20676033","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}