US Health Officials Prepare for Sars-Like Virus's Arrival

Mystery killer MERS has rapidly spread from Middle East to Europe; US hospitals on alert.
2:08 | 06/02/13

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Transcript for US Health Officials Prepare for Sars-Like Virus's Arrival
New and deadly virus making global headlines this evening with reports of three more deaths. -- that the disease has killed half of all the people diagnosed with it a total of 33 now. Tonight it is hop in the Middle East to Europe in US health officials are on alert here ABC's doctor Richard Lester tonight. It begins with fever chills and muscle -- then confusion as rapidly your breathing becomes difficult. It's a mystery killer and the world's leading health officials are on alert. We really need. As fast as possible to learn how to. Control this virus -- we have try to run faster than the virus to us it's cold murders and so far its victims have either traveled to the Middle East -- caught it from very close contact with someone who did. But the theories have been mutates so that it spreads easily between people it could take off like -- -- -- deadly respiratory virus to ten years ago. Which began in -- Hong Kong hotel for spreading among twelve hotel guests. -- windows guests boarded airplanes they carried the virus across the globe. Within nine months there were more than 8000 cases and more than 700 dead. Tonight US health officials are on the look out. If a patient today walks into any ER anywhere in chose those suspicious symptoms after traveled to the Middle -- Health officials will -- into test and isolate them hoping to contain a possible outbreak here how worried is the CDC about this. Anytime there's a new virus that's killing about half of the people in fact. We're concerned so they're very concerned rich -- -- -- here on the desk tonight and rich thanks for being here on this and you are watching this very closely to patients. In Alabama the last few days it came down with severe pneumonia. An American scientists were very concerned they were truly those people died -- -- quickly sent off samples to the CDC. They tested them for murders and they were able to rule it out -- telling me right now doctors only concerned with people might have traveled to the Middle East but in the meantime are they doing anything to come up with testing. That would speed up the process if they see something else suspicious I mean to be ready they're developing a diagnostic kit they're gonna send that out to health departments and hospitals around the country. So they can test very quickly.

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{"id":19309693,"title":"US Health Officials Prepare for Sars-Like Virus's Arrival","duration":"2:08","description":"Mystery killer MERS has rapidly spread from Middle East to Europe; US hospitals on alert.","url":"/WNT/video/us-health-officials-prepare-sars-viruss-arrival-19309693","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}