US hits 25 million COVID-19 cases

Concerns grow over long lines for, and a short supply of, the vaccine, as the Biden administration aims to administer 100 million shots in its first 100 days.
3:01 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for US hits 25 million COVID-19 cases
America's vaccine supply struggling to keep up with all the demand. Hospitals from New York to Hawaii canceling thousands of appointments the major questions now how much of a vaccine supply does the country have how much is on the way. And what can states expect their next shipments here's ABC's trip world. Tonight the US eclipsing a staggering corona virus milestone 25 million confirmed cases nearly five million this month alone more than 4181000. Dead. Nearly equaling the population of Minneapolis. Hawaii's corona virus briefings sign language interpreter patty sit call dying from the virus herself. After visiting her daughter in San Diego. Heart broken doesn't even begin chew. Already this year 71000. American deaths reported nationwide. And further complicating matters the highly contagious UK very into the virus now detected in at least 23 states. Myers is basically telling us that it's gonna continue to change and we've got to be ready for it. The University of Michigan suspending athletic activities for two weeks following three positive test with that UK mutation every new infection is an opportunity for the virus to mutate further. And we got a really prior to control reasons in the vaccine is our best for the vaccine bringing a sense of relief to millions like 93 year old curses lab rack. Five friends quote. But the overall rollout continues to lag behind this weekend the US finally administering its twenty million goes. Three and a half weeks after the trump administration's original target date in Florida bird and Mike powers spent days booking in appointment only to have it cancel. What they locked up a year we have eyed children we have seen. Are and they're experiencing is widespread vaccine shortages have forced to single South Carolina hospital to scrapped 6000. Appointments. Another 5000 canceled at a hospital in Hawaii state leaders across the country begging for more doses winning more supply. So we've got we're getting about a 100000 doses a week. A little bit more than that we could probably take two or 300000. Easily and tonight with herd immunity still months away businesses are getting innovative the Miami Heat will be using trained cove in sniffing dogs. As they welcome fans back into their arena. There's a lot of science behind it and there's more coming. A lot of questions in the coming days about those dogs Trevor -- joins us now live from outside the Javits Center one of New York city's mass vaccination sites and Trevor. We're learning tonight big plans for another major site had been put on hold just another sign the vaccine roll out its not going this plant. It really is Tom this week Citi Field the Mets baseball stadium was slated to become the next mega vaccination site here. But tonight New York City officials have told us they've had to postpone the opening because of those extensive vaccine supply shortages at the federal level. Tom the picture overall debt new development tonight Trevor thank you.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Concerns grow over long lines for, and a short supply of, the vaccine, as the Biden administration aims to administer 100 million shots in its first 100 days. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75459846","title":"US hits 25 million COVID-19 cases","url":"/WNT/video/us-hits-25-million-covid-19-cases-75459846"}