Let There Be Light

World News' Person of the Week: Dr. Laura Stachel of WE CARE Solar.
2:18 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Let There Be Light
Our person of the week we saw a very different kind of need in Africa she's an American mom who found a simple way to bring a staple of our modern life here. To the most remote areas of the continent and saving a lot of lives here's ABC channel funds it. What could save a life with a little late push -- -- -- -- inside this rural clinic in Liberia a woman any map who's about to give birth. In almost total darkness city then suddenly a light -- -- on yeah. And the -- all due to that tiny blue suitcase on the wall. It's actually -- solar powered system delivered here by this woman Laura -- -- a doctor and mother from California. Ten years ago after she was welcoming her third child. She was stunned to learn that as joyful as childbirth can be here for a mom. In Africa it's strikingly different story. Some parts women are seventy times more likely to die in childbirth in women in the US. To step shall headed to Africa to find out why. Chopper -- completely giants' offense. And it shouldn't be a situation where women have to wonder if they're gonna survive every time they get pregnant. One reason for the uncertainty and unreliable power source. Giving birth in -- room business. This is probably a lot closer to what the situation would be at night. Doctors performing C sections and emergency surgery. In your total darkness we just need to make sure that we make this -- so that California doctor stacks and her husband -- their own solutions. Creating this case. Solar panels are attached to a clinic group and connected to LED lights. It about 15100 dollars. Higher installation takes less than an hour. They've already installed more than a hundred of them around the world saving countless lives that -- -- -- and done this night. Welcoming one more. Welcome to the world health. His future and the future of millions of others now -- little brighter. Cents to one -- electrifying idea. And so we choose doctor Laura staff tall and go to a million moms challenge dot com if you want to help her and check in this abcnews.com. As well.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"World News' Person of the Week: Dr. Laura Stachel of WE CARE Solar. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14885887","title":"Let There Be Light","url":"/WNT/video/us-mom-saves-lives-africa-14885887"}