U.S. Soldiers on Lockdown in Afghanistan

Manhunt underway following the death of American service members.
2:45 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for U.S. Soldiers on Lockdown in Afghanistan
We turn overseas now to Afghanistan where American troops are trying to decide who is friend who is -- Over the weekend two Americans were murdered by an employee in one of the safest parts of that country. Tonight questions being raised about what the US does in this next part of the ten year war. ABC's makeshift for -- in Kabul for us tonight -- Diane tonight there's a crisis of trust here the Afghans don't trust the Americans because of the Koran burning. The Americans don't trust the Afghans because of the killing of its soldiers. And the question is how do you win a war when you don't trust the person you're fighting next. Tonight the nationwide manhunt after the most chilling case of an Afghan to -- an American in ten years of war. An Afghan working for the government walked into one of the most secure buildings in Kabul he shot two American officers in the head as they sat at their desks. And a threat to Americans has never been higher this morning suicide attackers rammed a car into the largest US base in eastern Afghanistan. It's all creating fear between American and Afghan partners. Here's how that's playing out for years I've watched soldiers meet with Afghan officials without body armor. To -- trust. Not anymore. Tonight one officer told me there must now be five armed soldiers in the room when he meets with -- Afghan. And here's why that trust is critical. The whole plan US withdrawal involves him -- American advisors in -- larger Afghan units to -- the Americans are worried they'll be vulnerable. And already all coalition advisors have been pulled back to their faces. There's no doubt that this is incredibly serious and that -- undermine the entire Afghan mission. The loss of trust it's tragic because the majority of Afghans are -- This week a dozen Afghan police died defending US bases from violent protesters. Proud -- call -- my brother. Stand shoulder to shoulder with the evidence great conflict. And nick -- joins us now from -- you've been there for years we know there's been wariness in the past but have you ever seen a level of distrust like this. No I've never seen -- by far the worst case of a lack of trust and the Pentagon said today that this incident won't change the strategy but the fact is on the ground here. Until that trust can be regained on both sides. From Kabul all the way to the front lines it's hard to see how the US plan for withdrawal is gonna work France and it is the linchpin. Of being able to withdraw thank you nick van susteren begins by the officers said they have to be. Five armed soldiers in the room with him now when he -- of an Afghan thank you --

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{"id":15804317,"title":"U.S. Soldiers on Lockdown in Afghanistan","duration":"2:45","description":"Manhunt underway following the death of American service members.","url":"/WNT/video/us-soldiers-lockdown-afghanistan-15804317","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}