Go USA Mittens Made in China

David Muir goes to work to encourage American manufacturing.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Go USA Mittens Made in China
One pill each morning.24 hours. Zero heartburn. Next tonight our made in america team is back. After our reporting two years ago, this year the athletes at the winter olympics will be wearing ceremonial uniforms made in america as promised. But tonight we have seen something else. Mittens sold by the u.S. Olympic committee to raise money are made in china. Why? David muir back tonight and on the trail of the answers. You and I thinking the same thing, not again. Obviously there is nothing wrong with selling mittens to raise money for our american athletes but why not help american workers at the same time? Reporter: They are the $14 mittens being sold all over the country by the u.S. Olympic committee. The patriotic messages, go usa! Raising money for the athletes at the winter games. But you're not only helping athletes with those mittens, you're helping workers in china. Because inside, the second message you'll find, made in china. This all comes less than two years after world news and the made in america team discovered the ralph lauren uniforms for our athletes at the opening ceremonies were made in china too. Our producers -- head to toe. You'll remember congress outraged after our reports. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them. Reporter: Ralph lauren then promising to make them here, and keeping that promise. Which is why so many of you were scratching your heads today. Why would the olympic committee ignore the labels again? Why not help the athletes and american workers at the same time? A spokesman for the olympic committee saying tonight -- we wanted to create a fundraising opportunity where almost anyone could support team usa. A nod to that $14 price tag on the mittens. But wait a minute. China, the only place that can make a $14 mitten? Our made in america team on the phones today. So many americans telling us they would have loved the job. The sewing machines at batwaves in idaho. Already cutting the mittens in duluth minnesota. Duluth pack with the label "made in america." And from baabaazuzu in -- we can do this. Reporter: And with mittens in hand, we wanted even more proof we could match the cost. Headed to lion brand yarn known across the country. A simple question tonight, these olympic mittens $14 made in china, could we make them for the same amount? I bet we could. Reporter: She was out to prove it. They even carry a color called olympic blue? The color is called olympic? This color is called olympic, yes. Reporter: So this is right here? This is made in america. Reporter: And the price? It is only $6.49 a ball, two pairs of mittens out of this. You could help the u.S. Olympic team and help american workers if you bought american yarn. Oh, yes. Reporter: Workers at midwest gloves and gear arguing tonight. It's worth a try. Running the numbers for us and saying with a $6 ball of yarn that we found today, obviously a factory could get it cheaper in bulk. Experts say you absolutely could match that $14 price from china. You heard it right, they already have the color, olympic blue, in stock. Staying on the case tonight. We'll have more. Thank you, david muir.

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{"id":21254684,"title":"Go USA Mittens Made in China","duration":"3:00","description":"David Muir goes to work to encourage American manufacturing.","url":"/WNT/video/usa-mittens-made-china-21254684","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}