Utah Family Saves Ukraine Girl

Cox family travels to other side of the world to adopt down syndrome child.
3:00 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Utah Family Saves Ukraine Girl
The power of a photo and -- family willing to travel from Utah all the way to the far side of the globe. To a little girl had no idea they were coming to safer from something was about to happen. It's part of our joint mission with the gates foundation to bring stories of all the ways we can save -- life -- around the world. ABC's Abbie Boudreau travel to the Ukraine to show what a difference of outstretched hand can make. Tucked -- in an orphanage on the other side of the world. This little Ukrainian girl had no idea in American family was about to save her life. Time was running out for Karine a four year old with Down syndrome. She was months away from being sent to an adult mental institution to -- about the rest of her life. A fate that awaits most four and five year old with Down syndrome. In this eastern European country. This is her life say Christian -- -- Cox of Utah -- the enormous potential of children with special needs. Their youngest -- also has downs in. After they saw this picture of -- on line. The Cox's knew they had a mission and they had to move fast. To see for ourselves what children like marine -- if they aren't adopted in time. ABC news -- deep inside rural Ukraine where we got unprecedented access inside some of the country's orphanages. And mental institution. We found young children with Down syndrome living among the severely mentally ill. At this institution for girls ages five to 35. We met seven year old Masha. I quickly learned all she really wanted was a mom called -- If she's not adopted she will spend the rest of her life here. We sit down with Ukraine's deputy head of the unit for child adoption and child rights protection. She denies that children with Down syndrome are leaving an adult mental institution but we told her about what we saw. Have to fix it -- -- -- Cox learned about the plight of Ukraine's children with Down syndrome. With the help of a website called -- rainbow it's helped American families adopt hundreds of children like -- And her eyes were really what's but it took its first we just knew -- -- thing. You're my momma. Your my dad and -- -- and get. -- the talks is made the 6000 mile journey to Ukraine the second issue -- -- windows. We just news the journey and we were on us and whoever's Boston. What was it like when she -- Affecting. One the Cox's spent 32 days in Ukraine with their new daughter who they renamed media. We think. -- 00 yeah. Then finally they walked out of her orphanage he and enhance as she looked back one last time at the life she was leaving behind. It was time to make the long journey home to Utah. She was worth something now. Then you can see it in the ranks of. We visited one month later. Neither does learning some sign language -- Cute. And for the first time she's going to school alongside her sister and new best friend -- -- -- you have fat. -- -- -- It's just it's be happy. She doesn't have to be. And a little. White room hidden away because of an extra parmesan. And what is next Armenia could well I'm still have a chance to reach her greatest potential to be able to go school. She get jobs should get a job and you know -- -- -- -- she may even have. Who am call. Insists no the sky's the limit but -- -- ambulance that is. Reasons -- -- Israel but we have so much more abc.com all about the -- What they're doing to help these. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Cox family travels to other side of the world to adopt down syndrome child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15236476","title":"Utah Family Saves Ukraine Girl","url":"/WNT/video/utah-family-saves-ukraine-girl-15236476"}