Utah Kids Rescued From Icy River

Good Samaritans save children trapped in an overturned car.
2:00 | 01/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Utah Kids Rescued From Icy River
We're learning more tonight about a truly heroic rescue of three children trapped in the overturned car -- an icu -- river. They are alive tonight because a dozen good samaritans rush into the frigid waters including a former police officer who shot a hole. For one of the car's windows here's ABC's Clayton send out. It was a New Year's Eve near tragedy Roger Anderson was driving to a ski resort near Logan Utah with three kids in the car when suddenly he brakes to avoid an accident. The car slid off the road down a ten foot embankment into -- river it landed upside down in three feet of freezing water. 29 year old girls and a four year old boy were trapped former police officer Chris Weldon and others quickly stopped to help. They're screaming something about kids -- jumped overboard. Right around jumped into the river next to the the children's -- sort of -- -- -- -- into the vehicle time was running out the car filling with water but could pull on the door handles. -- -- about what -- handgun and actually shut out the window. But even that failed to free -- seconds later about a dozen onlookers jump in the water and helped push the car -- right. -- -- children to get out the young boy had stopped breathing but was revived with CPR the kids have now gone home from the hospital after being treated for hypothermia. Norman like that. Cannot be defeated. Old Michael. And who could forget this last September a man was trapped under a burning car but instead of running away fellow citizens saved his life. How brave they are as crazy. So why do people trade their own safety for people they don't know heroes have. Very human. The key is being aware that someone else is in need someone -- there's an emergency. That you are willing to take action. -- -- with three kids of his own never thought twice about helping out -- -- did what needed to be done right help that came from perfect strangers. Clayton -- LA BC news Denver.

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{"id":15276066,"title":"Utah Kids Rescued From Icy River","duration":"2:00","description":"Good Samaritans save children trapped in an overturned car.","url":"/WNT/video/utah-kids-rescued-icy-river-15276066","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}