Vacation Cruise Turns Deadly

Monster storm batters British cruise ship with hurricane force winds.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for Vacation Cruise Turns Deadly
Or cease ignited to a vacation cruise it's turned deadly after a rogue wave hit the ship ABC's Jeffrey coffin from London now. It's a monster storm with monster waves and hurricane force winds. And he has been battering the British coast for weeks it was a giant wave from that storm that slammed into the British cruise -- the Marco Polo as -- crossed the English Channel this weekend. Rushing water shattered a window injuring passengers to were airlifted to hospitals where one and 85 year old man died. Rogue waves was supposed a risk that any vessel -- Particularly cruise -- -- you have so many passengers would -- injured on that. Even massive cruise ships can feel the wrath of the ocean. In 2010 this ship that -- to was disabled off the coast of South America by thirty foot waves. What has been battering Britain is the same storm system that is bringing sub zero temperatures to the US but as it crosses the Atlantic -- mixing with tropical gusts from Mexico. The -- temperature is the reason the storm system here is so angry. In some areas the rains have been so heavy that the Thames river has reached its banks we are doing everything we can end up fighting on every front. Even the royals are pitching in princes William and Harry making an unannounced visit to help members of the military build walls of sandbags. To protect the community new Windsor council. Jeffrey Kaufmann ABC news London.

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{"id":22536588,"title":"Vacation Cruise Turns Deadly","duration":"3:00","description":"Monster storm batters British cruise ship with hurricane force winds.","url":"/WNT/video/vacation-cruise-turns-deadly-22536588","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}