Victory Snatched From Eric Cantor in Huge Upset

House majority leader loses to Dave Brat in Virginia congressional primary.
2:13 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victory Snatched From Eric Cantor in Huge Upset
Massive upset in Washington the Republican leader suddenly out no one saw this coming including him. Eric Cantor once a rising star in the Republican Party defeated by an underdog an unknown who raised less money for his campaign -- Kantor spent simply eating out. So what are American voters trying to tell Washington tonight and how -- -- explain his lost just moments ago ABC senior Washington correspondent just selling leading -- -- House majority leader Eric -- -- stepping down not in disgrace but in a defeat he never saw coming. I'm gonna leave the political analysis deal he lost to this man Dave brat. A virtually unknown college professor on a Tea Party wave. He orchestrated a political too from his tiny Virginia headquarters with only to paid staffers this country's change. How different -- their campaigns. Cancer raised five million dollars fifty times more than brat. In fact -- spent more at stake houses than brat raised overall. As Skinner wrote 9000 dollar checks for private jets Brett paid expenses like 87 dollars on office supplies out Wal-Mart and oh. When we talked to Pratt last month he pulled up outside the capitol in his shabby. A stark contrast from the motorcade in capital security that made his rivals seem unstoppable I will. -- just hope people -- exuded confidence but was caught off guard. And in the final weeks the professor managed to beat back an onslaught of candor slick TV ads. With his own homemade -- commercials or crony capitalists -- in Washington DC but also in the underdogs corner conservative radio. Which made him a star as the candidate who would block immigration reform. The voters sending a clear message against the Washington establishment. And Jeff -- is now -- he learned of the meeting behind closed doors the shock and some tears among the establishment. Indeed David I'm told by Republicans who were at that meeting that speaker Boehner cried a very emotional moment. He's been in the trenches with his house majority leader for so long but now a neophyte -- David about who is going to replace him. Right just selling leading -- just thank you.

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{"id":24098794,"title":"Victory Snatched From Eric Cantor in Huge Upset","duration":"2:13","description":"House majority leader loses to Dave Brat in Virginia congressional primary.","url":"/WNT/video/victory-snatched-eric-cantor-huge-upset-24098794","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}