Vietnam Vet's 2nd Chance at College Football

Alan Moore, 61, goes back to school, serves as team's kicker.
2:36 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Vietnam Vet's 2nd Chance at College Football
Alan Moore is a Vietnam vet and grandfather who's gone back to college to finish when He started more than forty years ago. That's impressive enough but what really caught our -- is how He spends his Saturdays you can find him at the football -- not tailgating but place kicking. Teaching us all lesson about living our dreams and with the help of our friends at ESP -- Pads on helmet strap tight Alan Moore blends right in with his teammates only -- old school kicking she stands -- Believe. I wrote that on the issue. Soon as the story. Saturday college football (%expletive) university vs ave Maria the second quarter against you might remember until -- oriented. Now it was an extra point attempt and a shot at college football history at age 61. It was just something that -- was gonna do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a dream that began forty years ago Alan Moore was a kicker on his junior college football team -- with the Vietnam War draft coming -- dropped out of school and enlisted. Like -- just rise to fan like everybody else would. Play football. But for forty years that dream -- somewhere in his heart and it turns out that -- set back the economy. Brought -- back to life Allen was laid off from his construction job devastated. Turn to what He -- Practicing every day first time -- main goal -- in the backyard and later at a local high school Erin. One would be perfect. You know I could do it every time -- -- OK but no word came so Allen decided to go back to school his first stop the coach's office. As a -- why you do in this and He said I want to show people that they need to finish what -- -- story. And I asked them what I can live with that I can understand that. And when -- Vietnam veteran father of three grandfather of five stepped onto the field last month. -- -- cheering him off. And -- that -- and I can't really make sense and. They snapped the ball and -- picked it. Getting into the air and okay. Okay. About its. Alan Moore 61. -- oldest college football player ever to score. Never never ever give I tell my grandkids. -- -- -- Leave yourself and give -- And so we choose Alan -- what a star. Even the college football football hall of fame wants one -- -- autographed footballs.

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{"id":14790657,"title":"Vietnam Vet's 2nd Chance at College Football","duration":"2:36","description":"Alan Moore, 61, goes back to school, serves as team's kicker.","url":"/WNT/video/vietnam-vets-2nd-chance-college-football-14790657","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}