Violent Turbulence Hospitalizes Flight Attendant and Injures Others

Keeping the seatbelt buckled may be key to avoiding injuries when strong turbulence strikes.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Violent Turbulence Hospitalizes Flight Attendant and Injures Others
We begin with -- harrowing moments onboard a commercial airplane in this country extreme turbulence. Sending passengers hurtling through the air a flight attendants still hospitalized tonight after hitting the cabin ceiling. So what is the investigation showing happened right now here's ABC's David currently. A just as the United Airlines 737 was starting its descent -- Billings Montana a jolt. Felt like something came up from the bottom -- hit the bottom of the plane. And then staff and people are flying all over the place it was severe turbulence and those not buckled in. -- tossed about. He flew up out of his seat and actually hit the ceiling. He ceiling of the aircraft and came down landed only be next to him. The plane seemed to fall for nearly five seconds it's right wing dipping. And is this simulation shows there was a mother who started screaming when she lost control over child. A baby who ended up in the air landing in another -- luckily unhurt. It's impossible to hold a child during severe turbulence or high G forces. Crash simulations show how a child can be pulled from their parents grasp. The reason a twenty pound babies -- can -- during a severe event and our arms just aren't strong enough. There is one approved restraint for aircraft and of course you can use a car seat. If you fly you know the turbulence is a common occurrence but it can happen without any warning. And those who normally injured -- members of the -- The last ten years of records show that on average there are 32 injuries every year and two thirds of those are two crew members often flight attendants. That's exactly what happened on the united flight leaving the captain to declare a medical emergency. Get a they're quite a few minutes -- look at the game. Right behind my right hand so there was a stewardess -- seeing her flying back in force one flight attendant is hospitalized tonight in serious condition. Two others in two passengers who were treated and released. After that violent flight through turbulent air. The unexpected turbulence is the reason that flight -- strongly suggest that whenever you're in your seat you keep your seat belt buckle.

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{"id":22574082,"title":"Violent Turbulence Hospitalizes Flight Attendant and Injures Others","duration":"3:00","description":"Keeping the seatbelt buckled may be key to avoiding injuries when strong turbulence strikes.","url":"/WNT/video/violent-turbulence-hospitalizes-flight-attendant-injures-22574082","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}