Your Voice, Your Vote: Jobs Numbers

Split verdict on jobs numbers and who's winning in the battleground states.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: Jobs Numbers
for the race for the president here. Last night we reported on the new juniors numbers. Tonight how both sides trying to argue the split decision of the numbers as we ask david kerley for state of play, where this race stands right now in the key battleground. It's "your voice, your vote" here's david's report. Thank you. Reporter: Mitt romney calls the jobs number a hammer blow to the economy. 23 million americans out of work or underemployed. Reporter: To make the bad news thin. He picked just one part of the report, the unemployment rate which did pick up last month to 8.3%, more than 3 years now above 8%. Good times coming back to a nation suffering under this president. Reporter: But president obama pointed to another number to spin good news that even economists weren't expecting. 163,000 jobs added last month so he it claim that for more than two years the economy added private sector jobs every month. Those are our neighbors and family members finding work, and the security that comes with work. Reporter: In some key battleground states a poll that romney has ground to make up. He's down 6% in florida and a whooping 11 points behind in pennsylvania. But romney is getting star power after clint eastwood showed up at a fundraiser joking with reporters. Yeah, america. Reporter: That, after many conservatives questioned the actor's super bowl ad for a car company which some thought was endorsement for the president who bailed out detroit. But just like dirty harry -- go ahead, make my day. The republican actor made his intentions crystal clear, he is voting for romney. Because I think the company needs a boost somewhere. Reporter: As for the president, today is his 51st birthday, he spent the day playing golf and got on a helicopter headed to camp david. Not a bad idea. It's hot and humid here. Much nicer in the hills of camp david.

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{"id":16931543,"title":"Your Voice, Your Vote: Jobs Numbers","duration":"3:00","description":"Split verdict on jobs numbers and who's winning in the battleground states.","url":"/WNT/video/voice-vote-jobs-numbers-16931543","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}