Republican health care bill seems doomed to fail

At least 50 protesters arrested as the Senate held a hearing on repealing the Affordable Care Act.
2:51 | 09/25/17

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Transcript for Republican health care bill seems doomed to fail
We are also following breaking news right now from capitol hill in the senate's latest effort to kill Obamacare. Republicans could only afford to lose one more vote, and tonight, it appears they've lost it. All of this as hundreds of protesters worried about losing their health insurance packed the hallways of the call tpitol. There are many Mary Bruce tonight back on the hill. Reporter: With protests mounting tonight, the Republican health care bill appears doomed to fail. Late word tonight Maine senator Susan Collins says she is a no, making her the third senator to come out against the bill. The Republicans tonight do not have the votes. The dramatic move comes after opposition to the Republican health care bill came roaring through the halls of capitol hill. Anger and frustration boiling over. Today's hearing had just begun when the cries rang out. If you want a hearing, you better shut up. Reporter: And outside, chaos. Move against the wall! Right now! Move against the wall! Right now! Reporter: Protester after protester hauled off and arrested, many in wheelchairs. This man physically dragged out. People have been lining up here for hours. Check this out. This is just the beginning. It goes on as far as you can see. Pam Willis came all the way from Wyoming. She says this bill is a matter of life or death for her daughter. What's the message that you want lawmakers to hear from you and from everybody else in this line? Be human. Care. Care about insurance for everyone. Not just yourselves. Or your relatives. Care about everyone. Even for the poor. Reporter: Opponents of the bill, like senator John McCain, have called for an open and bipartisan process, but this is the one and only public hearing on the latest plan. The witness list, mostly government officials, not average Americans. It's a fraud. It's a fake. It's just a facade. They don't want us to testify. They don't want us to be here. Reporter: Earlier today, even the president seemed to acknowledge defeat. We have 52 votes, so, we can't lose any votes. I mean, prakt tickly. So, we're going to lose two or three votes and that's the end of that. Bottom line, Mary Bruce live on the hill. Mary fishgs of all, does this appear to be dead, this effort tonight? They've been trying to do this for seven years, the Republican party does. They wanted to do this with a simple majority, now that's no longer an option? Reporter: David, right now, this bill ail peers to be going nowhe nowhere. Republicans will likely have no choice but to work with Democrats, even after all this time, Republicans still can not agree on a path forward. Tonight, the divisions between the Republican party seem simply too deep for them to fulfill their promise to the American people. David? All right, now it becomes a test for both parties. Mary, thank you.

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{"id":50088893,"title":"Republican health care bill seems doomed to fail","duration":"2:51","description":"At least 50 protesters arrested as the Senate held a hearing on repealing the Affordable Care Act.","url":"/WNT/video/vote-needed-repeal-obamacare-50088893","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}