Wait Begins for Owner of Winning Powerball Ticket

One ticket worth a half-billion dollars was purchased in small Florida town of Zephyrhills.
2:25 | 05/19/13

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Transcript for Wait Begins for Owner of Winning Powerball Ticket
Question who is America's newest multi billionaire it's hard to believe but there was just one winning ticket. In that giant powerball lottery overnight and it was sold in zephyr hills Florida just outside Tampa. And if you're under a rock and watching -- near Tampa tonight here -- the winning numbers 1013. 142252. The powerball eleven. And you don't need us to tell the jackpot 590 and a half million dollars. Someone here did the -- today looking at the averaging -- for zephyr hills it would take the average person who lives there 28000. Years to make that much. But for someone or some group they made that in an instant. ABC's Steve -- in -- -- town tonight. It's a record breaking jackpot they say it's the biggest thing ever to happen in zephyr hills Florida known for its large neighborhoods of -- seniors. In a pretty popular brand of bottled water zephyr hills -- better. It's the most valuable winning ticket ever worth more than half -- billion dollars. And someone here is walking around town with -- burning in their pocket could be your friend. Could be family. So. It won't be you know -- -- and small town and everybody top. Outside the grocery store that sold the winning ticket. They tell us they've been overwhelmed with calls from across the country from really friendly relatives checking to see if they've won. This guy told us he's keeping the dream alive refusing to check his tickets to later tonight I could be no way to. Thank you very much else nuts but in what you didn't feel like an urgent seeded -- don't you see the anticipation is more about pleasure. And actually losing which is mostly what happened. It's that they blog and -- a billionaire Philip find out. The jackpot is worth 590 and a half million dollars but that's only if the winner takes annual payments take it all at once and it's nearly 371. Million. The lottery with holds 25%. And federal taxes. But in Florida there's no state tax great news for the winner who slept with somewhere south of 278. Million dollars and change the rumor mill is on fire exit one of the -- seniors or is that a young woman who works at a store. Florida -- -- the winner must come forward to claim the money. The ticket that won it -- was sold at this Florida grocery store state lottery officials say their offices in Tallahassee will be open. Bright and early tomorrow morning and that's the soonest we could hear from what went.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"One ticket worth a half-billion dollars was purchased in small Florida town of Zephyrhills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19213485","title":"Wait Begins for Owner of Winning Powerball Ticket","url":"/WNT/video/wait-begins-owner-winning-powerball-ticket-19213485"}